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Have You Locked Keys in Trunk? Our Automotive Locksmith Services Provide Help for Residents in Philadelphia, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Learn more about what you should do if you locked keys in trunk and are living in Philadelphia, PA

Locked keys in trunk is an embarrassing but common problem. Maybe you’re carrying in groceries or packing luggage in the trunk for a trip. You’re excited or lost in thought. Without realizing it, you accidentally drop your keys in the trunk and close the trunk lid. Now what? The locksmiths at Pop-A-Lock Locksmith can help. We’ll open your trunk and help you get back on your way.

It’s easy to accidentally have locked keys in trunk. It’s a problem that’s more common than you think but finding a solution can be tricky. You may know of some tricks to get the trunk open from the outside, but those tricks may not work on your vehicle. Every make and model vehicle is different. Some security systems may make it more difficult or impossible to retrieve your keys using these old-school tricks.

Deadlocks further complicate the problem. While different cars have different types of deadlocks, they work in similar ways. The deadlock feature will disconnect the locks from the locking mechanism. Even if you push the button or pull up the post locks, the doors still won’t open.

Don’t let all of these complications scare you if you have locked keys in trunk. You can still retrieve your keys. The experienced and skilled locksmiths at Pop-A-Lock Locksmith can open your trunk. Our mobile locksmiths have the right tools to get your trunk open and get you on your way. Our professional locksmiths are available.

Why Choose Pop-A-Lock Locksmith?

  • All of our locksmiths are background checked, trained and insured where necessary.
  • We’re equipped with the latest tools and technology to handle your lock and key needs.
  • We offer our services from 7-7, and we’ll come to your location.
  • We have working relationships with the top lock and key companies.
  • We’re part of a national chain of locksmiths, so we have access to extensive knowledge and resources.

The cost of our locksmith services to retrieve your locked keys in trunk will depend on your location, your vehicle makes and model, and the time of your call. Call Pop-A-Lock Locksmith at 215-995-0023 to get a free quote.

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