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Our reputation has been built on rapidly and professionally solving our customers’ problems; we built this reputation on our dedication to pride in customer satisfaction and service. Whatever your locksmithing needs are, we can fulfill them. Our reliable team of locksmiths quickly and efficiently solves your lockout predicaments.

Professional Locksmith Services in The Woodlands, Texas

Locksmith Services

Mobile locksmith services for your car, truck or motorcycle

  • We make mechanical, transponder, high security, and proximity keys
  • We can duplicate your existing keys or originate lost keys

If you have lost your keys or simply want an extra copy, we have a solution that can save you time and money. Our fully trained locksmiths are equipped with the latest tools and equipment enabling them to accurately cut and program your automotive keys.

Locksmith services for your home

  • We will re-key your existing door knobs and deadbolts
  • We can install new doorknob and deadbolt hardware and key all locks to a single key

Do you know who has a key to your home? Pop-A-Lock can either re-key your existing locks or install new hardware that can all be keyed to work with a single key. We will also make extra copies of your new keys for you.

Locksmith Services for your business

  • Re-key all locks in your business
  • Deploy and maintain Master Key systems
  • Locks changed/repaired

Pop-A-Lock offers a wide range of locksmith services specifically designed to increase overall security and safety at businesses of all types and sizes. Employee theft accounts for 48% of inventory loss and $15 billion in lost revenues annually for U.S. businesses. Much of this occurs because of personnel changes, keys that are issued to employees and never returned, or failure to limit/control access to company keys. Let Pop-A-Lock help your business reduce employee theft and improve security through a number of services and specialized products.

Re-key services

  • More cost-effective than changing out locks
  • We simply re-key the existing lock cylinders on your car, truck, motorcycle, home, and business

Lockout Services

Unlock your car or truck

  • Fast, reliable 24/7 service
  • Through exhaustive vehicle research and extensive technical training, we know exactly how to get you back into your vehicle damage free

Unlock your home

  • Locked out?…We can get you back in

Unlock your business

  • Lockpicking

EDU – Emergency Door Unlock

  • Free when child is locked inside car

Because Pop-A-Lock was founded over 20 years ago by law enforcement professionals, prioritizing the response to emergency situations carefully and effectively is an integral part of how Pop-A-Lock operates. For example, through our Emergency Car Door Unlock (EDU) program, a free community service dedicated to saving lives, we have rescued over 250,000 children nationwide who had been accidentally locked inside a car.

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