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How to Open a Sentry Safe

How to Open a Sentry Safe

If you want to keep valuables at home, the best and safest way is to have a safe. Sentry safes are a popular choice because they are reliable, fire-safe, and strong. These safes can protect valuables against fire, theft, and water damage. 

The Sentry Safe lineup includes a wide range of products such as fire-safe safes, personal safes, gun safes, and business safes. They use different types of locking mechanisms, including dual key locks, combination dial locks, and digital keypad locks so that whatever your needs, you have the right safe for your valuable items. Many models also come with features like bolt-down kits, which secure the safe to a floor or wall; that’s another safety feature. s

Sometimes homeowners and business owners have trouble understanding how to open their Sentry safe. You can ask for a locksmith to show you how to operate your safe properly. Alternatively, here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow and open your safe on your own. 

Where Is the Combination Code?

Owner’s step-by-step manual

When you first purchase a Sentry safe, the combination is most often in the owner’s manual. Store the combination code separately from the new safe for obvious security reasons. 

Original packaging

Sometimes, the combination might also be found on the original packaging or on a separate card included with the safe’s documents. Again, remove this information from the packaging before you dispose of it so that no one can peek at your combination code, even unwittingly. 

Registered combination

If you registered your safe with Sentry Safe or on their website, you might have the option to retrieve your combination by logging into your account. Registration often helps to manage safe details securely. It also comes in handy if you need recovery options.

Combination Recovery Process

If you have lost your combination code, Sentry Safe offers a combination recovery service.  You will need to provide proof of ownership and some identification details. The details and forms are available on the Sentry Safe website.

How Does Your Sentry Safe Combination Work? 

Combination locks on Sentry safes work with a precise sequence of turning the dial to the right and left to align the internal tumblers correctly. Before you start, clear the lock mechanism by turning the dial a few times; this resets any previous attempts.

Start by turning the dial right (clockwise)

Begin with the dial at zero. Turn the dial to the right, passing zero three times and stopping on the first number of your combination on the fourth rotation.

Turn the dial left (counterclockwise)

Next, turn the dial left. Pass the second number of your combination once and stop on it the second time round.

Turn the dial right again

Finally, turn the dial right again and stop directly on the third number of your combination without passing it again.

Open the safe

Once the dial is set on the final number, take the handle and turn it to open the safe. If the handle does not move, recheck your combination numbers. Sometimes we remember codes incorrectly. Make sure you have entered the combination code correctly and repeat the process.

Troubleshooting Tips


You have to be precise when you dial your combination code. Small errors will stop the lock from opening, which is the point of a safe. 

Dial sensitivity

Be aware that safe dials can be sensitive. Gentle turns can sometimes make a difference, so there is no need to be abrupt and heavy-handed. 

Regular maintenance

Safes must be maintained, just like any other locks. Service your safe and keep the locking mechanism working smoothly. Ask for a reliable and professional locksmith to service your safe. 

Safe Security and Practice

Let’s go through some basic security steps. 

Don’t write down the combination

Don’t write down the combination in easily accessible places. You only want trusted people to know it. 

Change the combination

If you think the combination code has been compromised, change it. This can be done with the help of the manufacturer’s instructions or a professional locksmith.

Proper placement

Install your safe in a concealed location away from common areas. Basements and closets are typically good choices as they are less likely to be accessed by visitors.

Integrate your Sentry safe 

Integrate your safe with your home or business security system. This can include cameras that monitor the area where the safe is located and alarms that trigger if someone attempts to tamper with it. 

Practice opening and closing 

Practice makes perfect, even when it comes to safes. Practice opening your Sentry safe regularly to get to know the process. This helps you access your valuable items quickly when needed. It’s also a great way to remember the combination.

Why Wrap Your Car Keys in Foil?

Many people wrap their car keys in foil to minimize the chances of their car getting stolen. Foil around the car key fob limits the distance the signal travels. If there are prospective car thieves around looking to intercept the signal, the foil can stop the signal from traveling too far. 

Key fobs are practical and make life easy when you want to access your car. But technology and advanced features sometimes come with threats. Car owners face a growing threat from something known as relay attacks. These attacks involve thieves using sophisticated gadgets to intercept and mimic the signal from your keyless entry fob to gain unauthorized access to your vehicle. 

Surprisingly, a simple piece of aluminum foil could be an effective way to protect your car from such high-tech thievery.

What are Relay Attacks?

Let’s be honest: keyless entry systems on cars are convenient, quick, and practical. You can unlock and start your car from afar, while the key fob remains in your pocket. In some cars, the key fob opens the trunk, which is great when you’re carrying groceries and bags. 

But this convenience also opens up vulnerabilities. Thieves are developing new skills to stay one step ahead of technology. They use devices called relay amplifiers and relay transmitters to extend the signal of your key fob from inside your home to your car parked outside. This method doesn’t require breaking in physically; it’s all about intercepting radio frequency identification in the air.

If they are around when you use your key fob, they can intercept the fob’s signal, copy it, and then gain access to your car without the need for the original key fob. 

How Fob in Foil Helps

The concept of using aluminum foil to protect your car keys is based on the idea of a Faraday cage. This cage blocks electromagnetic fields and prevents signals from your key fob from getting stolen by thieves’ devices. 

When you wrap your keys in foil, you effectively mute its communication abilities. The signal’s range is much shorter and can’t be intercepted easily. 

The Benefits of Using Foil

Aluminum foil is cheap and we all have it at home. 


Aluminum foil is affordable and available. We all have foil in our kitchen. 


It blocks electromagnetic fields when wrapped properly, which means it jams the signal and prospective thieves can’t intercept it. 


You don’t need any technical know-how. Simply wrap the fob, and you’re done. 

Convenience vs. Security

Wrapping your keys in foil is effective but can be impractical. There is the inconvenience of unwrapping and rewrapping the key every time you need to use your car. Also, the foil needs to be completely intact without any tears or gaps to be effective, which means you need to regularly replace it. Again, tin foil is inexpensive but it can get annoying after a while. 

Alternatives to Foil

For those looking for a more durable and convenient solution, Faraday bags are an excellent alternative. These are small pouches designed to shield their contents from electromagnetic fields. They are more durable, stylish, and user-friendly compared to foil. They are more expensive than regular tin foil but ultimately they offer a good balance between security and convenience.

Making the Right Choice

If you are concerned about your car’s safety, there are many ways you can protect it. 

Aside from the simple foil or the Faraday bag, there are other options as well. 

You can invest in a GPS tracking system and have it installed in your car. These systems can provide real-time location updates and are really helpful to law enforcement in case your car gets stolen as it sends a signal of its location. 

Some car owners choose to mark parts of their car with an invisible ink pen or use microdots with the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to help police identify parts of the car if stolen. 

Protect Your Car From Theft

It makes absolute sense that you would want to protect your car. 

Before you invest in ways to protect your car from theft, consider your environment, the frequency of car use, and your security priorities. If you live in a high-theft area or you prioritize security over convenience, the solutions we have offered are effective and affordable. 

Wrapping your car keys with foil adds an extra layer of security to your vehicle and discourages high-tech thieves. Remember, in the battle against car theft, every little bit helps! If you need professional assistance, you can always reach out to a car locksmith.

Why Are Locksmiths so Expensive?

If it hasn’t happened already, the day will come when you will need a locksmith. What is the cost of hiring a locksmith when you are locked out of your home? How much is the locksmith going to charge you to replace the old locks of the house you just bought? Are you nervous about the cost of a lost car key? 

Locksmiths are, by nature, required to work their magic on many tasks: they need the right know-how to open car doors of any model, make, and year, home doors, garage doors, office doors, and storage doors. They have to work under stressful conditions and many times during emergencies, late at night or very early in the morning. 

While it might seem to our customers that they can get the job done and unlock a door in a few minutes, it has taken years of experience and practice to reach this level of expertise. 

Let’s take a look at all the hard work locksmiths are required to deliver, to better understand what you can expect to pay when you hire a locksmith. Remember that at Pop-A-Lock we offer the most affordable and professional locksmith services for cars, homes, and businesses!

Specialized Training and Skills

Did you know that there are more than 35,000 different keyholes used across homes, businesses, offices, and any type of building? A commercial or business locksmith must have the right know-how and experience to pick and open all these keyholes. 

Locksmiths undergo extensive training to learn their trade. They must be skilled in working with all these various types of locks and security systems, from traditional mechanical locks to modern electronic key systems. 

What’s more, locksmiths must learn to unlock doors without damaging the lock itself, to minimize the cost and damage to the door. To achieve such precise workmanship, locksmiths must be experienced and skilled. 

Modern Locks

Modern locks are becoming more sophisticated. Cars have transponder keys, key fobs, and smart keys; homes have high-security locks. While a few decades ago, cars had the traditional car key, there are now so many different types of advanced keys that locksmiths have to constantly get updated and acquire new skills and new key-cutting techniques. Modern residential and commercial locks require extensive know-how to install and unlock in case of a lockout. 


Locksmiths often provide 24/7 emergency services. This around-the-clock availability means they must be ready to assist at any hour. A locksmith shop has to be prepared for all-day service, which is costly. If you want the certainty that a locksmith can help you in the middle of the night, then it makes sense that you will have to pay a little bit more for this convenience. Otherwise, you will have to wait for normal business hours — which might be unpleasant. 

Also, locksmiths are required to travel to various locations: if you lose your car keys at a remote location, the locksmith has to reach you there, often after normal business hours. 

The convenience and necessity of immediate service, especially in emergencies like being locked out of your house or car, contribute to the locksmith’s cost. Remember that most people lose their car keys early in the morning before going to work and late in the afternoon when returning home. That’s when locksmiths are at their busiest and they have to respond to multiple calls simultaneously. 

Tools and Equipment

The tools required to repair or replace locks are specialized and often expensive. Locksmiths must invest in high-quality tools and regular updates or replacements to handle different types of locks and home security systems, including those with advanced technology.

A few years ago, there were no smart keys in cars; nowadays, they are becoming more common. For a locksmith to help a stranded car owner, they need to have the right equipment for a smart car key lockout.  

Security and Trust

When you hire a locksmith, you are entrusting them with the security of your property. Locksmiths must be trustworthy and often require licensing and bonding, which involves background checks and other security measures to ensure they are reliable and safe to work with. Locksmiths at Pop-A-Lock are all fully vetted, trained, and insured. They offer you peace of mind along with their services. 

These requirements, along with the need for insurance to protect against damage or liability, add to the operating costs.

Service and Parts

The cost of locksmith services also includes the physical components used, like new locks, keys, or electronic systems. These parts can be expensive, especially if they are for high-security or technologically advanced systems. If a homeowner wants to upgrade their broken lock to a high-security one, they are getting a better performing and safer lock but it is more expensive than regular locks — and that includes both parts and labor. 

Mobile Service

Many locksmiths offer mobile services, coming to your location to provide emergency locksmith services. If you want to avoid having your car towed to the locksmith shop, you will want a mobile crew to come to your location. This convenience factor includes the costs of travel, vehicle maintenance, and carrying a full set of tools and parts to various locations. 

Our Pop-A-Lock vans are fully stocked so we can help homeowners, business owners, and car owners on the spot, at their location. 

Locksmiths Carry Workmanship With Them

Most people appreciate professional, experienced, and reliable locksmith service when they can’t find their home or business keys or when they get locked out of their car. The service of having an expert locksmith at your location and opening your door within minutes and with absolute security is something that most people marvel at. 

For a locksmith to deliver exceptional service, it means they have invested in knowledge, training, insurance, tools, and equipment, and of course, they have dedicated their time to your lock problem. 

While locksmiths can seem expensive, consider how much work they do and how much responsibility they carry. When you think of how hard-working and honest people they are, you’re likely to realize that their services don’t cost so much after all!

Key Advantages: Why Your Business Needs an Access Control System

 In today’s world, security is paramount. Protecting your employees, assets, and confidential information is vital for any business’s success. While traditional locks offer a basic level of security, implementing an access control system unlocks a range of advantages that go far beyond simply stopping unwanted visitors.

Enhanced Security:

  • Granular Control: Grant access to specific areas based on roles and needs. Sensitive areas like server rooms or financial departments can be restricted, while common areas remain accessible to authorized personnel.
  • Improved Tracking: Record who enters and exits your premises, providing a detailed audit trail for investigations or security assessments.
  • Restrict Access: Not only can you grant access to specific personnel, you can schedule when access will be permitted. Not everyone needs 24/7 access.
  • Deterrent Effect: Visible card readers and security cameras discourage unauthorized access attempts, creating a safer environment for everyone.

Increased Efficiency:

  • Streamlined Access: Eliminate the hassle of lost or stolen keys. Employees simply use key cards, fobs, or even biometrics for quick and convenient entry.
  • Simplified Management: Add, remove, or modify access privileges easily, without the need for rekeying. Manage access for temporary staff or contractors effortlessly.
  • Automating Processes: Integrate your access control system with other systems like time and attendance, allowing for automatic data capture and streamlined workflows.

Cost Savings:

  • Reduced Security Costs: Minimize the need for additional security personnel by leveraging technology for access control.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums: Many insurance companies offer discounts for businesses with demonstrably strong security measures.
  • Increased Productivity: By eliminating key-related issues and streamlining access, employees can focus on their core tasks, boosting overall productivity.

Beyond Security:

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your premises are secure and only authorized individuals have access provides valuable peace of mind for both employees and management.
  • Professional Image: A modern access control system projects a professional image to clients and visitors, demonstrating your commitment to security and data protection.

Investing in an access control system isn’t just about deterring threats, it’s about creating a more secure, efficient, and productive environment for your business. With its multi-faceted benefits, it’s an investment that pays off in the long run.

What To Do if You Lose Your Car Keys?

A lost car key is probably the most frustrating thing, especially because it usually happens when you need your car the most. Are you frantically looking for your car keys? Is panic settling in? 

If you lose your car keys, the first thing to remember is that you always have Pop-A-Lock to unlock your car without damaging the car itself. We have experienced and trained automotive locksmith professionals who can help you get access to your car. We can re-issue car keys, transponder keys, and different types of car keys for almost all car makes, models, and brands, so you can always get a spare key and never panic again! 

Lost your key? Now what? Before you reach out to Pop-A-Lock, here is a helpful guide on what to do in case you lose your car keys. And the first thing is — you guessed it: don’t panic! 

Stay Calm 

Although we understand it’s very hard to stay calm when you have a thousand things to do, and you desperately need your car, focus as much as you can on keeping your cool. 

Check Your Surroundings and Re-Trace Your Steps

Check your surroundings and retrace your steps to where you last remember seeing them. Was it at home? Was it in the bakery? Did you last see your car keys in your office? Is it possible you left them on a shop’s counter? 

Sometimes, car keys can be misplaced in your home, in a bag, or another vehicle, so a systematic search can often reveal them. Make sure you check pockets and gym bags and don’t forget to check around the usual place you keep your car keys: they might have fallen behind or underneath.  

Check for a Spare Set

If you can’t find the keys after searching, check if you have a spare set. Many people keep a spare key at home or with a trusted friend or family member. A spare key can quickly resolve your immediate problem: you can access your car, and you only need to drop by Pop-A-Lock so we can duplicate your car keys. 

It’s Time to Call for Automotive Locksmith Services

If you don’t have a spare key or can’t access it, you’ll need to consider alternatives. Before you call on a Pop-A-Lock locksmith, you need the right information about the type of car key–traditional or smart key–you need. 

Here are your options: 

Traditional mechanical keys

These are the basic metal keys that have been used for decades. Traditional car key types operate purely mechanically, with a unique cut that matches the lock’s mechanism, allowing the key to turn and start the car.

Transponder keys

Introduced in the 1990s, transponder keys contain a small chip that communicates with a receiver in the car’s ignition system. The car will only start if the key’s chip sends the correct signal, which is an extra layer of security against theft. Transponder keys often have a plastic head and look similar to traditional keys but with the added electronic component.

Remote keyless entry fobs

These are usually separate from the key itself and have buttons to lock and unlock the car doors. Some keyless entry fobs also have additional features like remote start or tailgate release.

Keyless start systems (smart keys)

These are a step beyond remote keyless entry fobs. The driver can start the car while the key fob is in their pocket or bag. The vehicle detects the key fob’s presence and enables the start button or ignition switch to function.

Switchblade keys

These keys have a key blade that folds into the fob and pops out at the press of a button, much like a switchblade knife. They combine the mechanical and electronic elements, often with remote functions built into the fob.

Mobile app keys

With technological advances, some car manufacturers now offer apps that allow your smartphone to function as your car key. Through the app, you can lock, unlock, and start your car and even grant temporary access to others.

When you call on a Pop-A-Lock locksmith, you need to tell us what car key your car has so we can re-issue a car key for your car and ignition. 

Call a Pop-A-Lock locksmith; have your documentation ready

Our locksmiths can duplicate and re-issue any type of car key for almost all models, makes, and brands. We are more affordable than your local dealership, and our quality of work is unmatched. 

For a replacement key, you must provide proof of ownership and vehicle information. We also need your car’s VIN number (vehicle identification number) and the year it was made so we can perfectly match the key to your car.   

If you’re in a vulnerable location or need immediate access to your vehicle for safety reasons, consider contacting roadside assistance or emergency services. They can provide support and, in some cases, help you gain access to your vehicle.

Let’s make sure you don’t lose your new key again.

Here are a few helpful tips to prevent you from experiencing the frustration of losing your car keys again. 

Make a Spare Car Key

It’s a good idea to keep a spare car key in an accessible location, such as a friend’s or family’s house or somewhere you can get it in an emergency. This will spare you the frustration and stress of contacting a car locksmith. 

Have a Designated Space for Your Car Keys

We humans like routines. When it comes to your car keys, set a designated space where you place them. It can be anything that works for you: a bowl or a tray in the kitchen or in the entryway, a hook dedicated to your car keys, or a spot that you have carefully selected for your car keys. Whatever it is, make sure you leave your car keys there the moment you come home. 

Choose a Keychain or Lanyard

Attach your keys to something large and noticeable, like a brightly colored keychain or lanyard. Pick a visible keychain or lanyard with designs and colors that make it stand out—it’s the perfect opportunity to pick something bold and striking. This makes them easier to spot and less likely to be overlooked or lost in clutter.

Key Finder Devices

Use a Bluetooth key finder, which can be attached to your keychain and paired with your smartphone. These devices can help you locate your keys by sounding an alarm or showing their location on a map through an app on your phone.

Pop-A-Lock for your lost car keys

Losing your car keys isn’t the end of the world because you always have the backup service of a Pop-A-Lock locksmith. We are always able to help and are fully trained and reliable. Call us and we will be with you shortly to get you back on the road!

Beware of Breaches: How to Secure Your Business After an Employee Departure

As a business owner in Albuquerque, ensuring the security of your premises and protecting sensitive information is paramount. However, one often-overlooked aspect of business security is the risk posed by employee key possession after termination. When employees depart under less-than-ideal circumstances, the potential for security breaches increases significantly. In this blog post, we’ll explore the security risks associated with employee departures and discuss the importance of rekeying to safeguard your Albuquerque-based business.

Understanding the Security Risks

When an employee leaves your Albuquerque business, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, their continued possession of keys poses a significant security risk. Former employees may misuse their access privileges to gain unauthorized entry into your premises, compromise sensitive information, or even engage in malicious activities such as theft or vandalism. In a city as vibrant and diverse as Albuquerque, where businesses face a myriad of security challenges, mitigating these risks is essential to protecting your assets and maintaining the integrity of your business operations.

The Value of Rekeying

Rekeying your locks after an employee departure is a proactive measure that can help mitigate security risks and safeguard your Albuquerque business. By changing the internal mechanisms of your locks, you effectively invalidate any keys held by former employees, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the security of your premises. Rekeying provides peace of mind knowing that only authorized personnel have access to your business facilities, reducing the likelihood of security breaches and mitigating potential liabilities.

Taking Action to Protect Your Business

In the aftermath of an employee departure, it’s crucial to take swift and decisive action to secure your Albuquerque-based business. Schedule a rekeying service with a reputable locksmith to change the locks on your doors and update access control systems as necessary. Additionally, consider implementing comprehensive security protocols, such as key management policies and employee access controls, to minimize the risk of future breaches. By prioritizing security and taking proactive measures to protect your business, you can mitigate the potential impact of employee departures and safeguard the future of your enterprise.


Employee departures pose significant security risks to Albuquerque businesses, but by prioritizing security and implementing proactive measures such as rekeying, you can mitigate these risks and protect your assets. Don’t wait until it’s too late—take action today to safeguard your business against security breaches and ensure the continued success of your Albuquerque-based enterprise.

From Vulnerable to Fort Knox: Upgrading Your Business Locks for Maximum Security

As a business owner in Albuquerque, safeguarding your assets and ensuring the safety of your employees is paramount. In a city where security threats abound, relying on standard locks may leave your business vulnerable to breaches and intrusions. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in high-security locks and access control systems to fortify your premises and protect your livelihood. Let’s delve into the significance of these security measures and the benefits they offer to businesses in Albuquerque.

The Importance of High-Security Locks

Standard locks, while functional, may not provide adequate protection against determined intruders in Albuquerque’s bustling urban environment. High-security locks are engineered with advanced features and materials to withstand manipulation and tampering attempts. These locks often incorporate complex mechanisms, such as multi-level pin configurations and reinforced steel construction, making them highly resistant to picking, drilling, and other forced entry techniques. By upgrading to high-security locks, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access and bolster the overall security of your Albuquerque-based business.

Different Types of High-Security Locks

Albuquerque businesses have diverse security needs, and high-security locks come in various types to address these requirements. Some common examples include:

●  Deadbolt Locks: Known for their reliability and durability, deadbolt locks offer superior resistance to forced entry due to their solid construction and single-point locking mechanism, making them ideal for businesses seeking robust protection against intruders.

●  Mortise Locks: These locks are installed within the door, providing increased security by engaging with the door frame on multiple points. Mortise locks are favored for their sturdiness and resistance to tampering, making them a popular choice among Albuquerque businesses looking to enhance security.

●  Keyless Entry Systems: Keyless entry systems eliminate the need for traditional keys, utilizing electronic access control methods such as keypads, card readers, or biometric scanners. These systems offer enhanced convenience and security, allowing Albuquerque business owners to manage access permissions efficiently and track entry logs with ease.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Access control systems offer Albuquerque businesses a centralized approach to managing and controlling access to their premises. By implementing access control systems, you can:

●  Enhance Security: Access control systems enable you to restrict entry to authorized personnel only, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches in Albuquerque’s bustling business landscape.

●  Increase Accountability: Access control systems track entry and exit activity, providing valuable insights into who accessed specific areas of your premises and when. This information is invaluable for security audits and investigations, helping Albuquerque businesses maintain accountability and transparency.

●  Improve Efficiency: With access control systems, Albuquerque business owners can streamline the process of granting or revoking access permissions, eliminating the need for physical keys and reducing administrative overhead, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.


In Albuquerque’s dynamic business environment, prioritizing security is essential for the success and longevity of your enterprise. By upgrading to high-security locks and implementing access control systems, you can transform your Albuquerque-based business into a fortress of security. Invest in your business’s safety today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets and personnel are protected by state-of-the-art security measures.

Does Home Depot Make Keys?

Home Depot makes keys for homes, cars, and businesses but if you have lost your key or you are stuck outside of your car, you need a locksmith. 

Home Depot can duplicate keys as long as you have the original. They can also duplicate car keys and transponder keys but they can’t give you access to your car if you have lost your car key. They can’t rekey a lock or install high-security locks around your home or business. 

Home Depot offers key duplication services for a wide range of standard keys, and it’s convenient for many. However, security, precision, and expertise matter. Lockout situations and locksmith services that require extra know-how require specialized locksmiths. 

Let’s take a look at what Home Depot can do for you in terms of locksmith services. Then, let’s see when you need a professional locksmith. 

Does Home Depot Duplicate Keys?

The short answer to that question is yes, Home Depot can duplicate keys as long as you have the original with you. 

Home Depot has key duplicating tools that can copy a key, based on the template you give them. Home Depot can copy house keys, business keys, and padlock keys from various brands like Yale, Master Lock, and American Lock. 

Does Home Depot Duplicate Car Keys?

Some Home Depot locations can duplicate car keys, again as long as you have the original for them to copy. 

They can make transponder keys for the most common car makes and models, but they might not be able to duplicate transponder keys from the latest car models. 

Most Home Depot locations can duplicate car key fobs for the most popular car makes like Honda, Ford, and Toyota. It’s best to ask your local Home Depot for these particular services. 

What Home Depot Can’t Do For Your Keys and Locks

While Home Depot is certainly a quick and affordable solution when you want to duplicate a key, it’s not a locksmith professional. You need a locksmith service on most other occasions. 


If you are locked out of your car, home, or business, you can’t turn to Home Depot to get you back in. You need a trusted and reliable locksmith to come to your location and give you access. 


You need a professional locksmith to open a lock and re-key it. Re-keying a lock means the locksmith rearranges the internal pins of the lock. You have a new key for your existing lock. Re-keying is necessary when you move to a new house or if you have lost your keys and want to optimize the security of your home or business without changing the actual lock. 

New Lock

If your home or business needs new locks, you need a professional locksmith because Home Depot can’t help you. A locksmith will remove the old lock and install a new one, with better safety properties. You can have a high-security or an electronic lock installed for maximum security. 

Jammed Lock

Again, a jammed lock or a key stuck in the lock requires a locksmith to visit your location and extract the key. 

Key in the Ignition

When your car key is stuck in the ignition you should reach out to a locksmith who will retrieve it without damaging the ignition. Don’t try to force the key as it might break in the ignition and cause more damage. Home Depot can’t remove a car key from the ignition. 

Security Upgrades

Home and business security upgrades require professional locksmiths who will design a security system that fits your needs. 

Emergency Services

Many locksmith services are available during the weekends or at night. When you face a lockout emergency, you need someone you trust who will be with you to sort your lock problem quickly and professionally. 

Personalized Solutions

A professional locksmith has the know-how and the technology to offer personalized solutions that go beyond the services offered by a retail hardware store like Home Depot. Locksmiths make keys but they also offer security assessments and advice on upgrading your locks to meet your home improvement needs.

Convenience and Efficiency

You don’t need to take a trip to the local Home Depot store. Most locksmiths can offer their services at your location. They save you time and deliver locksmith assistance when and where you need it most. This convenience is great when you are locked out–obviously–but also when you need immediate key duplication without the trip to a store: mobile locksmith services are just a call away.

Trust Your Local Locksmith

Home Depot and similar home improvement retail stores in your area offer a basic key duplication service, using simple key-cutting machines and key blanks. 

A Home Depot copy key is just fine. But when you hire a professional locksmith service, you get added value in terms of security, expertise, and comprehensive customer service. You get more done with your local Pop A Lock locksmith. You also get mobile locksmith services which Home Depot can’t offer. 

For those who prioritize peace of mind and timely locksmith solutions, a locksmith is not just an option; it’s the obvious choice.

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

Locked out of your car? Have you lost your house keys? If so, then you may be wondering how much it’s going to cost you to hire a locksmith. The average cost of a locksmith visit is around $150 to $160. A locksmith will cost you on average $100 per hour for normal business hours and up to $120 for emergency calls. 

The cost of a locksmith depends on many things: what needs to be unlocked, the time of day, and your location. If you only need to unlock a door without changing the lock, it will be more affordable than changing a whole lock system. Many locksmiths are more affordable during regular business hours than during weekends and at night. And if your lockout emergency is far away from the locksmith location, you will be charged travel fees for the locksmith to reach you. 

Depending on the type of service, locksmith services require different times and expenses. Let’s take a look at the cost of a locksmith in more detail and what influences locksmith prices for the job you need done. 

Locksmith Services Cost for Your Home

If you get yourself locked out of your home and no relative or friend has a spare key, you need to call on a locksmith in Pensacola to get you into your home. 

Lockout service

The average cost of a lockout is around $150, depending on the location, time of day, and type of lock. 

Rekey locks

If you lost your keys and wish to ensure your home is safe from a third person who might have found the keys, you can rekey your lock for your peace of mind. That means a locksmith will re-arrange or replace the pins inside the lock cylinder, making any previous keys incompatible with the lock. You get to use your existing locks but with new keys. 

Rekeying a lock costs between $80 and $150. It is more cost-effective than changing the entire lock system and can save on locksmith charges when you need lock and key replacement for many locks.

Changing locks 

Changing locks means you are changing the whole lock system and installing a new one. Depending on the type of lock you want installed, the cost to install new locks ranges between $100 and $200 per lock. Always consider lock repair with your locksmith. If the lock can be repaired safely, the total cost could be lower, as you won’t need a new set of keys. 

Key extraction

If a key is stuck or broken in the lock and you can’t use it, a locksmith will typically charge you between $50 and $200 to extract the key. 

Key duplicates

Key duplicates cost around $20 per key. 

Electronic locks

Electronic locks come with a wide range of possibilities. A full Bluetooth lock enhanced with biometrics can reach well into $2,000. However, there are far more affordable options for electronic locks that range between $50 and $500

Locksmith Services Cost for Your Car 

While the costs below are average, a lot depends on the make and model of the car. 

Car lockout 

A car lockout will cost you between $50 and $150 for an auto locksmith to come to your location and unlock your car door. A broken ignition will cost you about the same. 

Transponder key

If you need a new transponder key, a locksmith will typically charge you between $150 and $300

Changing car locks

If you need to change locks for your car, this may cost you around $200 to $400

What Affects the Cost of a Locksmith?

Service type

Simple services like lockout assistance typically cost less than installing new locks, creating master key systems, or configuring advanced business and home security solutions.

Time of day and urgency

Locksmith services during regular business hours usually come at a standard rate. Emergency services outside of these hours, such as late at night, early in the morning, or on holidays, cost more, due to the added inconvenience and immediate response required. Remember that not all locksmiths are available during the night or on weekends. 

Likewise, peak hours — early in the morning and early in the evening — when most people realize they have lost their house key, might be busy periods, which means the locksmith may have to charge you more. 


If you lose your car key in an area far away from the closest local locksmith, the travel or trip fee will be higher because the locksmith has to reach you in your remote location and they will have to charge you for the mileage. 

Hardware and parts

How much money you need to pay for locksmith services also depends on the materials and parts involved. If your service requires new locks, a key fob, or other hardware, these materials’ cost will be added to the service fee. Commercial locksmith services may need more heavy-duty hardware and parts and may thus be more expensive.

Lock complexity and condition

High-security locks, electronic systems, or locks that are damaged or worn may require more time and expertise to handle. Homeowners and company owners will pay more in labor costs for more complex access systems repair and installation, such as installing electronic locks or installing deadbolt locks.

When Do I Need a Locksmith?


One of the most common reasons to call your local locksmith is when you or a family member are locked out of your home, car, or office. That’s when you need emergency locksmith services that are fast and efficient.

Lost keys

If you lose your keys, a locksmith can create a new key (re-keying) or change the locks to maximize security. 

Broken keys

Keys can break off in locks due to wear and tear or using excessive force. This will require key extraction and replacement by a locksmith.

Moving into a new home

It’s wise to change or re-key the main door lock, the garage door lock, and other home locks on your new house when you move in, as previous owners or estate agents may have kept copies of the keys. 

Upgrading security

If you want to improve the security of your home or business with high-security locks and smart locks, you will require a locksmith. Upgrading locks and access systems often comes as part of a larger home improvement project. 

Repairing or replacing damaged locks

A professional locksmith can repair or replace damaged locks for better security. 

Key duplication

For convenience or to provide keys to family members, roommates, or trusted employees, you may need additional copies of your keys. 

Safe opening

If you’re unable to open a safe due to a lost combination, missing key, or malfunction, locksmiths can help regain access without damaging the lock or the contents inside.

Electronic access control systems

Businesses or modern homes use electronic access controls instead of traditional keys. Locksmiths can install, program, and maintain such residential and commercial access control systems.

Automotive locks and keys

Beyond traditional key cutting, locksmiths can program transponder keys and key fobs, and provide services for keyless entry systems in modern vehicles.

Pop-A-Lock, Your Trusted Locksmith

Now that you know how much does a locksmith cost, you can contact us to help you with any home, business, or car lock issues. We are fast, affordable, and trustworthy. Let us be your go-to professional for all your locksmith needs!

How To Program A Car Key

You don’t need to go to the dealership to get new car keys. At Pop-A-Lock we have got you covered at a fraction of the cost and with the same professional support you would get at the dealer. Our locksmiths are experienced at duplicating or re-issuing car keys for almost all models, makes, and brands. We have the tools and know-how to get you back on the road in no time at all and at very competitive prices.

Some enthusiastic car owners may want to program a car key on their own. If you follow certain steps, you can program your car keys. If, however, you want a professional car locksmith to take care of the task, Pop-A-Lock is your go-to locksmith.

Programming transponder keys

For vehicles equipped with transponder keys, the key contains a small chip that works by communicating with the vehicle’s immobilizer system to allow the engine to start.

Generally, there are a few common methods used to program car keys, which include DIY programming, using a specialized programming machine, or seeking professional assistance from a locksmith from Pop-A-Lock.

To program a key, you typically need at least one working key. Here’s a simplified process:

  1. Insert the working key into the ignition: Start the motor and let it run for a few seconds. This step may be necessary to put the vehicle’s computer system into programming mode.
  2. Turn off the engine and remove the working key.
  3. Insert the new key into the ignition: Depending on the vehicle, you may need to turn the ignition to the “on” position (just before starting the car) and hold it for a certain period, often around 10-15 seconds.
  4. Turn off the ignition and remove the new key. If the process has been successful, the new key should now be programmed. Some vehicles require you to start the engine with the new key as the final step.

Programming a Car Key Fob

Key fobs control the remote locking and unlocking of your car’s doors and, in some cases, remote starting of the vehicle. Programming a key fob is similar to car key programming and usually involves the following steps:

  1. Enter the vehicle and close all doors.
  2. Insert the key into the ignition. For some vehicles, you will need to cycle the ignition from “off” to “on” a specific number of times within a certain timeframe, usually around five to eight times.
  3. Listen for a locking sound or look for a flashing light signal. This indicates the vehicle has entered programming mode.
  4. Press a button on the key fob. This might be the lock or unlock button. In some cases, you may need to press it multiple times.
  5. Wait for the vehicle to respond. This could be another locking sound or the doors locking and unlocking.
  6. Turn the ignition off. This typically exits the programming mode.
  7. Test the key fob to ensure it operates the vehicle’s locks correctly.

Important Considerations

  • Check the owner’s manual: Always refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual for the exact programming instructions, as the steps can differ significantly.
  • Professional assistance: If the manual does not provide clear instructions or if you have lost all keys to the vehicle, professional programming by a locksmith like Pop-A-Lock will come in handy.
  • Security: Some vehicles require a PIN or a code to access the programming mode, especially for adding new keys when all original keys are lost. This is a security measure to prevent unauthorized key duplication.
  • DIY programming is not always possible or recommended, especially for newer vehicles with more sophisticated security systems. In such cases, a specialized key programming machine may be required and you should reach out to our Pop-A-Lock locksmiths to help you with your car key programming.
  • For vehicle owners, the safest and most efficient way to program a car key is to consult with a professional locksmith from Pop-A-Lock. We have the expertise and equipment to program keys accurately. With our car keys, you will have car keys that work correctly with your car’s security system. We can also provide additional services, such as key cutting and advice on how to handle key programming for specific vehicle models.

Pop-A-Lock locksmiths for your car key programming

If you doubt your DIY car programming skills or if you are concerned you might damage your car security system, it’s best to call on our Pop-A-Lock locksmiths to program your car keys. We can reprogram and re-issue car keys for almost all cars, makes, and models.

We offer reliable, affordable, and professional car key programming services. We can have your car keys ready within minutes so you are back on the road safely and reliably. Our locksmiths are as expert as the ones at your dealership but far more affordable.

Call Pop-A-Lock and we can even program your car keys on the spot!