Home Depot makes keys for homes, cars, and businesses but if you have lost your key or you are stuck outside of your car, you need a locksmith. 

Home Depot can duplicate keys as long as you have the original. They can also duplicate car keys and transponder keys but they can’t give you access to your car if you have lost your car key. They can’t rekey a lock or install high-security locks around your home or business. 

Home Depot offers key duplication services for a wide range of standard keys, and it’s convenient for many. However, security, precision, and expertise matter. Lockout situations and locksmith services that require extra know-how require specialized locksmiths. 

Let’s take a look at what Home Depot can do for you in terms of locksmith services. Then, let’s see when you need a professional locksmith. 

Does Home Depot Duplicate Keys?

The short answer to that question is yes, Home Depot can duplicate keys as long as you have the original with you. 

Home Depot has key duplicating tools that can copy a key, based on the template you give them. Home Depot can copy house keys, business keys, and padlock keys from various brands like Yale, Master Lock, and American Lock. 

Does Home Depot Duplicate Car Keys?

Some Home Depot locations can duplicate car keys, again as long as you have the original for them to copy. 

They can make transponder keys for the most common car makes and models, but they might not be able to duplicate transponder keys from the latest car models. 

Most Home Depot locations can duplicate car key fobs for the most popular car makes like Honda, Ford, and Toyota. It’s best to ask your local Home Depot for these particular services. 

What Home Depot Can’t Do For Your Keys and Locks

While Home Depot is certainly a quick and affordable solution when you want to duplicate a key, it’s not a locksmith professional. You need a locksmith service on most other occasions. 


If you are locked out of your car, home, or business, you can’t turn to Home Depot to get you back in. You need a trusted and reliable locksmith to come to your location and give you access. 


You need a professional locksmith to open a lock and re-key it. Re-keying a lock means the locksmith rearranges the internal pins of the lock. You have a new key for your existing lock. Re-keying is necessary when you move to a new house or if you have lost your keys and want to optimize the security of your home or business without changing the actual lock. 

New Lock

If your home or business needs new locks, you need a professional locksmith because Home Depot can’t help you. A locksmith will remove the old lock and install a new one, with better safety properties. You can have a high-security or an electronic lock installed for maximum security. 

Jammed Lock

Again, a jammed lock or a key stuck in the lock requires a locksmith to visit your location and extract the key. 

Key in the Ignition

When your car key is stuck in the ignition you should reach out to a locksmith who will retrieve it without damaging the ignition. Don’t try to force the key as it might break in the ignition and cause more damage. Home Depot can’t remove a car key from the ignition. 

Security Upgrades

Home and business security upgrades require professional locksmiths who will design a security system that fits your needs. 

Emergency Services

Many locksmith services are available during the weekends or at night. When you face a lockout emergency, you need someone you trust who will be with you to sort your lock problem quickly and professionally. 

Personalized Solutions

A professional locksmith has the know-how and the technology to offer personalized solutions that go beyond the services offered by a retail hardware store like Home Depot. Locksmiths make keys but they also offer security assessments and advice on upgrading your locks to meet your home improvement needs.

Convenience and Efficiency

You don’t need to take a trip to the local Home Depot store. Most locksmiths can offer their services at your location. They save you time and deliver locksmith assistance when and where you need it most. This convenience is great when you are locked out–obviously–but also when you need immediate key duplication without the trip to a store: mobile locksmith services are just a call away.

Trust Your Local Locksmith

Home Depot and similar home improvement retail stores in your area offer a basic key duplication service, using simple key-cutting machines and key blanks. 

A Home Depot copy key is just fine. But when you hire a professional locksmith service, you get added value in terms of security, expertise, and comprehensive customer service. You get more done with your local Pop A Lock locksmith. You also get mobile locksmith services which Home Depot can’t offer. 

For those who prioritize peace of mind and timely locksmith solutions, a locksmith is not just an option; it’s the obvious choice.