A lost car key is probably the most frustrating thing, especially because it usually happens when you need your car the most. Are you frantically looking for your car keys? Is panic settling in? 

If you lose your car keys, the first thing to remember is that you always have Pop-A-Lock to unlock your car without damaging the car itself. We have experienced and trained automotive locksmith professionals who can help you get access to your car. We can re-issue car keys, transponder keys, and different types of car keys for almost all car makes, models, and brands, so you can always get a spare key and never panic again! 

Lost your key? Now what? Before you reach out to Pop-A-Lock, here is a helpful guide on what to do in case you lose your car keys. And the first thing is — you guessed it: don’t panic! 

Stay Calm 

Although we understand it’s very hard to stay calm when you have a thousand things to do, and you desperately need your car, focus as much as you can on keeping your cool. 

Check Your Surroundings and Re-Trace Your Steps

Check your surroundings and retrace your steps to where you last remember seeing them. Was it at home? Was it in the bakery? Did you last see your car keys in your office? Is it possible you left them on a shop’s counter? 

Sometimes, car keys can be misplaced in your home, in a bag, or another vehicle, so a systematic search can often reveal them. Make sure you check pockets and gym bags and don’t forget to check around the usual place you keep your car keys: they might have fallen behind or underneath.  

Check for a Spare Set

If you can’t find the keys after searching, check if you have a spare set. Many people keep a spare key at home or with a trusted friend or family member. A spare key can quickly resolve your immediate problem: you can access your car, and you only need to drop by Pop-A-Lock so we can duplicate your car keys. 

It’s Time to Call for Automotive Locksmith Services

If you don’t have a spare key or can’t access it, you’ll need to consider alternatives. Before you call on a Pop-A-Lock locksmith, you need the right information about the type of car key–traditional or smart key–you need. 

Here are your options: 

Traditional mechanical keys

These are the basic metal keys that have been used for decades. Traditional car key types operate purely mechanically, with a unique cut that matches the lock’s mechanism, allowing the key to turn and start the car.

Transponder keys

Introduced in the 1990s, transponder keys contain a small chip that communicates with a receiver in the car’s ignition system. The car will only start if the key’s chip sends the correct signal, which is an extra layer of security against theft. Transponder keys often have a plastic head and look similar to traditional keys but with the added electronic component.

Remote keyless entry fobs

These are usually separate from the key itself and have buttons to lock and unlock the car doors. Some keyless entry fobs also have additional features like remote start or tailgate release.

Keyless start systems (smart keys)

These are a step beyond remote keyless entry fobs. The driver can start the car while the key fob is in their pocket or bag. The vehicle detects the key fob’s presence and enables the start button or ignition switch to function.

Switchblade keys

These keys have a key blade that folds into the fob and pops out at the press of a button, much like a switchblade knife. They combine the mechanical and electronic elements, often with remote functions built into the fob.

Mobile app keys

With technological advances, some car manufacturers now offer apps that allow your smartphone to function as your car key. Through the app, you can lock, unlock, and start your car and even grant temporary access to others.

When you call on a Pop-A-Lock locksmith, you need to tell us what car key your car has so we can re-issue a car key for your car and ignition. 

Call a Pop-A-Lock locksmith; have your documentation ready

Our locksmiths can duplicate and re-issue any type of car key for almost all models, makes, and brands. We are more affordable than your local dealership, and our quality of work is unmatched. 

For a replacement key, you must provide proof of ownership and vehicle information. We also need your car’s VIN number (vehicle identification number) and the year it was made so we can perfectly match the key to your car.   

If you’re in a vulnerable location or need immediate access to your vehicle for safety reasons, consider contacting roadside assistance or emergency services. They can provide support and, in some cases, help you gain access to your vehicle.

Let’s make sure you don’t lose your new key again.

Here are a few helpful tips to prevent you from experiencing the frustration of losing your car keys again. 

Make a Spare Car Key

It’s a good idea to keep a spare car key in an accessible location, such as a friend’s or family’s house or somewhere you can get it in an emergency. This will spare you the frustration and stress of contacting a car locksmith. 

Have a Designated Space for Your Car Keys

We humans like routines. When it comes to your car keys, set a designated space where you place them. It can be anything that works for you: a bowl or a tray in the kitchen or in the entryway, a hook dedicated to your car keys, or a spot that you have carefully selected for your car keys. Whatever it is, make sure you leave your car keys there the moment you come home. 

Choose a Keychain or Lanyard

Attach your keys to something large and noticeable, like a brightly colored keychain or lanyard. Pick a visible keychain or lanyard with designs and colors that make it stand out—it’s the perfect opportunity to pick something bold and striking. This makes them easier to spot and less likely to be overlooked or lost in clutter.

Key Finder Devices

Use a Bluetooth key finder, which can be attached to your keychain and paired with your smartphone. These devices can help you locate your keys by sounding an alarm or showing their location on a map through an app on your phone.

Pop-A-Lock for your lost car keys

Losing your car keys isn’t the end of the world because you always have the backup service of a Pop-A-Lock locksmith. We are always able to help and are fully trained and reliable. Call us and we will be with you shortly to get you back on the road!