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Why Work Here?

You want a career that satisfies your independence. You love the rush you get from helping people.
You want to unlock your earning potential and you’re not afraid to put in the work to learn new skills.
You’re ready to open the door to a rewarding future — and Pop-A-Lock is waiting on the other side.

Freedom to Work Independently

Working for Pop-A-Lock is like being your own boss: you get to work on your own, without constant supervision or micromanaging.

Make a Difference in Your Community

Here, you’ll experience the rewarding feeling of saving the day, every day, by helping people out of everyday emergencies.

Get Rewarded Based On Your Effort

Earn based on your effort with commissions and tips. There are no limits on earning at Pop-A-Lock.

We Love Variety And No Offices!

We are fully mobile and no two days are the same. You’ll learn new skills, travel to new places and meet new people every day. Flexibility is the name of the game.

Our Pop-A-Lock Heroes

We take care of our people so they can take care of our customers — and it shows.

Here’s why our employees love it here:

5 Stars

“Pop-A-Lock is an exciting opportunity where you get the freedom to work on your own. It's incredible knowing that I'm appreciated, not only by other workers and my boss but also by all the customers I help. They call me a hero all the time!”

- Kevin, Roadside Technician

“I love working for Pop-A-Lock! There are lots of interesting job sites and so much freedom to make your own decisions each day. This is a great place to be employed if you are a fast learner and like to get paid based on how hard you work.”

- Julia, Roadside Technician

“This was my chance to do something totally different than my last job. I wanted to see the world from a new perspective and make a difference in my community. I love meeting with different people everyday while also learning a skill.”

- Ramari, Roadside Supervisor

“Professionally, this is a great way to make a living. Personally, I really enjoy the act of picking a lock. It feels like fun and is hugely satisfying.”

- Tyler, Senior Locksmith

We save the day every day and our customers love us for it!

At Pop-A-Lock, we offer satisfying career opportunities that change lives for both our team members and our customers. We are America’s largest and most trusted locksmith, car door-unlocking and roadside assistance franchise. We create peace of mind for our customers by providing them with safety, security and relief from everyday emergencies. 

We’re growing fast and so can your career! If you’re looking for a job that provides independence, variety and the ability to make a difference in people’s lives, unlock your future with us.

Our Jobs

Pop-A-Lock is a company you can start with and stay with. Join us to get on a career path that rewards your ability to work hard and learn each day.

Roadside Technician

Our entry-level automotive assistance role, includes door unlocking, tire changes, and jump starting. Roadside Techs value their freedom and the ability to earn good commissions and tips. The best techs can become locksmiths as they improve their skills.


Locksmiths enjoy solving problems with mechanical and technical skills that most people don’t have. They unlock automotive, residential, and commercial locks using innovative technology. If you’re a natural tinkerer and fixer, this is the job for you.

Senior Locksmith

This senior level position uses specialized skills to solve the most complex problems and support junior locksmiths. The earning potential is greater and these skills are in high demand. They are driven to build a lasting career with Pop-A-Lock.


Our Dispatchers work remotely to schedule our technicians so every customer’s needs are met. Dispatchers love working from home on their own schedule.

Field Manager

Field Managers support and manage teams of technicians to help them do their best work. They’re typically developed from within.

What's It Like Working Here?

Our Employees Share Their Stories

IMG_3890-min (1)

I left my career in social work when it became too stressful and draining. It was the best decision I ever made! I love the satisfaction of the work I do at Pop-A-Lock. I started as a part-time Technician to see if I liked it and have since been promoted to a Roadside Supervisor. Now, I’m apprenticing as a Locksmith and can’t believe how much there is to learn! It is a tight family environment here, and I am so supported by Matt and Margie. The best part of my day is making people smile as I help people in my community.

Andy – Roadside Technician (Minnesota)

Technician smiling

I joined Pop-A-Lock because I was tired of the monotony of being a manager at a grocery store and I was craving a different opportunity with more freedom. I was curious about locksmithing because I like solving puzzles and I wanted to learn some new skills. What has surprised me most about the job is the deep satisfaction I get from helping people out of desperate situations. I feel so lucky that this isn’t just a job for me, it’s become a career and a calling. If I get to do this job for the rest of my life, I’d be very happy!

Alex – Locksmith (Ontario)

IMG_4312 (1)

I had worked as a locksmith for a few years before but when I came to Pop-A-Lock, I was immediately impressed by the professionalism and innovative technology we use. I love how expansive locksmithing is as a trade. There is always room for growth and there is always something you can learn or go deeper on: cracking safes, automotive, residential, commercial, and more. On top of that I love working independently, while also being supported by my local team and professional locksmiths across North America. There’s no better locksmithing company to work for!

George – Senior Locksmith (Florida)

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