How to Open a Sentry Safe

If you want to keep valuables at home, the best and safest way is to have a safe. Sentry safes are a popular choice because they are reliable, fire-safe, and strong. These safes can protect valuables against fire, theft, and water damage. 

The Sentry Safe lineup includes a wide range of products such as fire-safe safes, personal safes, gun safes, and business safes. They use different types of locking mechanisms, including dual key locks, combination dial locks, and digital keypad locks so that whatever your needs, you have the right safe for your valuable items. Many models also come with features like bolt-down kits, which secure the safe to a floor or wall; that’s another safety feature. s

Sometimes homeowners and business owners have trouble understanding how to open their Sentry safe. You can ask for a locksmith to show you how to operate your safe properly. Alternatively, here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow and open your safe on your own. 

Where Is the Combination Code?

Owner’s step-by-step manual

When you first purchase a Sentry safe, the combination is most often in the owner’s manual. Store the combination code separately from the new safe for obvious security reasons. 

Original packaging

Sometimes, the combination might also be found on the original packaging or on a separate card included with the safe’s documents. Again, remove this information from the packaging before you dispose of it so that no one can peek at your combination code, even unwittingly. 

Registered combination

If you registered your safe with Sentry Safe or on their website, you might have the option to retrieve your combination by logging into your account. Registration often helps to manage safe details securely. It also comes in handy if you need recovery options.

Combination Recovery Process

If you have lost your combination code, Sentry Safe offers a combination recovery service.  You will need to provide proof of ownership and some identification details. The details and forms are available on the Sentry Safe website.

How Does Your Sentry Safe Combination Work? 

Combination locks on Sentry safes work with a precise sequence of turning the dial to the right and left to align the internal tumblers correctly. Before you start, clear the lock mechanism by turning the dial a few times; this resets any previous attempts.

Start by turning the dial right (clockwise)

Begin with the dial at zero. Turn the dial to the right, passing zero three times and stopping on the first number of your combination on the fourth rotation.

Turn the dial left (counterclockwise)

Next, turn the dial left. Pass the second number of your combination once and stop on it the second time round.

Turn the dial right again

Finally, turn the dial right again and stop directly on the third number of your combination without passing it again.

Open the safe

Once the dial is set on the final number, take the handle and turn it to open the safe. If the handle does not move, recheck your combination numbers. Sometimes we remember codes incorrectly. Make sure you have entered the combination code correctly and repeat the process.

Troubleshooting Tips


You have to be precise when you dial your combination code. Small errors will stop the lock from opening, which is the point of a safe. 

Dial sensitivity

Be aware that safe dials can be sensitive. Gentle turns can sometimes make a difference, so there is no need to be abrupt and heavy-handed. 

Regular maintenance

Safes must be maintained, just like any other locks. Service your safe and keep the locking mechanism working smoothly. Ask for a reliable and professional locksmith to service your safe. 

Safe Security and Practice

Let’s go through some basic security steps. 

Don’t write down the combination

Don’t write down the combination in easily accessible places. You only want trusted people to know it. 

Change the combination

If you think the combination code has been compromised, change it. This can be done with the help of the manufacturer’s instructions or a professional locksmith.

Proper placement

Install your safe in a concealed location away from common areas. Basements and closets are typically good choices as they are less likely to be accessed by visitors.

Integrate your Sentry safe 

Integrate your safe with your home or business security system. This can include cameras that monitor the area where the safe is located and alarms that trigger if someone attempts to tamper with it. 

Practice opening and closing 

Practice makes perfect, even when it comes to safes. Practice opening your Sentry safe regularly to get to know the process. This helps you access your valuable items quickly when needed. It’s also a great way to remember the combination.