Locked out of your car? Have you lost your house keys? If so, then you may be wondering how much it’s going to cost you to hire a locksmith. The average cost of a locksmith visit is around $150 to $160. A locksmith will cost you on average $100 per hour for normal business hours and up to $120 for emergency calls. 

The cost of a locksmith depends on many things: what needs to be unlocked, the time of day, and your location. If you only need to unlock a door without changing the lock, it will be more affordable than changing a whole lock system. Many locksmiths are more affordable during regular business hours than during weekends and at night. And if your lockout emergency is far away from the locksmith location, you will be charged travel fees for the locksmith to reach you. 

Depending on the type of service, locksmith services require different times and expenses. Let’s take a look at the cost of a locksmith in more detail and what influences locksmith prices for the job you need done. 

Locksmith Services Cost for Your Home

If you get yourself locked out of your home and no relative or friend has a spare key, you need to call on a locksmith in Pensacola to get you into your home. 

Lockout service

The average cost of a lockout is around $150, depending on the location, time of day, and type of lock. 

Rekey locks

If you lost your keys and wish to ensure your home is safe from a third person who might have found the keys, you can rekey your lock for your peace of mind. That means a locksmith will re-arrange or replace the pins inside the lock cylinder, making any previous keys incompatible with the lock. You get to use your existing locks but with new keys. 

Rekeying a lock costs between $80 and $150. It is more cost-effective than changing the entire lock system and can save on locksmith charges when you need lock and key replacement for many locks.

Changing locks 

Changing locks means you are changing the whole lock system and installing a new one. Depending on the type of lock you want installed, the cost to install new locks ranges between $100 and $200 per lock. Always consider lock repair with your locksmith. If the lock can be repaired safely, the total cost could be lower, as you won’t need a new set of keys. 

Key extraction

If a key is stuck or broken in the lock and you can’t use it, a locksmith will typically charge you between $50 and $200 to extract the key. 

Key duplicates

Key duplicates cost around $20 per key. 

Electronic locks

Electronic locks come with a wide range of possibilities. A full Bluetooth lock enhanced with biometrics can reach well into $2,000. However, there are far more affordable options for electronic locks that range between $50 and $500

Locksmith Services Cost for Your Car 

While the costs below are average, a lot depends on the make and model of the car. 

Car lockout 

A car lockout will cost you between $50 and $150 for an auto locksmith to come to your location and unlock your car door. A broken ignition will cost you about the same. 

Transponder key

If you need a new transponder key, a locksmith will typically charge you between $150 and $300

Changing car locks

If you need to change locks for your car, this may cost you around $200 to $400

What Affects the Cost of a Locksmith?

Service type

Simple services like lockout assistance typically cost less than installing new locks, creating master key systems, or configuring advanced business and home security solutions.

Time of day and urgency

Locksmith services during regular business hours usually come at a standard rate. Emergency services outside of these hours, such as late at night, early in the morning, or on holidays, cost more, due to the added inconvenience and immediate response required. Remember that not all locksmiths are available during the night or on weekends. 

Likewise, peak hours — early in the morning and early in the evening — when most people realize they have lost their house key, might be busy periods, which means the locksmith may have to charge you more. 


If you lose your car key in an area far away from the closest local locksmith, the travel or trip fee will be higher because the locksmith has to reach you in your remote location and they will have to charge you for the mileage. 

Hardware and parts

How much money you need to pay for locksmith services also depends on the materials and parts involved. If your service requires new locks, a key fob, or other hardware, these materials’ cost will be added to the service fee. Commercial locksmith services may need more heavy-duty hardware and parts and may thus be more expensive.

Lock complexity and condition

High-security locks, electronic systems, or locks that are damaged or worn may require more time and expertise to handle. Homeowners and company owners will pay more in labor costs for more complex access systems repair and installation, such as installing electronic locks or installing deadbolt locks.

When Do I Need a Locksmith?


One of the most common reasons to call your local locksmith is when you or a family member are locked out of your home, car, or office. That’s when you need emergency locksmith services that are fast and efficient.

Lost keys

If you lose your keys, a locksmith can create a new key (re-keying) or change the locks to maximize security. 

Broken keys

Keys can break off in locks due to wear and tear or using excessive force. This will require key extraction and replacement by a locksmith.

Moving into a new home

It’s wise to change or re-key the main door lock, the garage door lock, and other home locks on your new house when you move in, as previous owners or estate agents may have kept copies of the keys. 

Upgrading security

If you want to improve the security of your home or business with high-security locks and smart locks, you will require a locksmith. Upgrading locks and access systems often comes as part of a larger home improvement project. 

Repairing or replacing damaged locks

A professional locksmith can repair or replace damaged locks for better security. 

Key duplication

For convenience or to provide keys to family members, roommates, or trusted employees, you may need additional copies of your keys. 

Safe opening

If you’re unable to open a safe due to a lost combination, missing key, or malfunction, locksmiths can help regain access without damaging the lock or the contents inside.

Electronic access control systems

Businesses or modern homes use electronic access controls instead of traditional keys. Locksmiths can install, program, and maintain such residential and commercial access control systems.

Automotive locks and keys

Beyond traditional key cutting, locksmiths can program transponder keys and key fobs, and provide services for keyless entry systems in modern vehicles.

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