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Frequently Asked Questions


I locked myself out of my car. Does Pop-A-Lock unlock car doors?

Yes, Pop-A-Lock provides quick car door unlocking services. If your situation is considered a life-threatening emergency, such as a child being stuck in the car, Pop-A-Lock will provide car door unlocking services at no cost to you as part of our PALSavesKids Community Program.

I need an extra set of keys. Does Pop-A-Lock make duplicate keys for cars?

Yes! Pop-A-Lock can duplicate virtually any car key, even smart keys, at less expensive prices than at the dealership.

I need a locksmith's help tonight. Are after hours service calls more expensive?

Yes, they are. Before you call us for an after hours service, think it through: Can this wait until normal working hours (9 to 5; can vary by location)?

My key broke off in my door. What should I do?

If the key to your business or home has broken off in the lock, it is not wise to stick things inside of it in an attempt to remove the broken key. Doing this can result in additional damage, such as breaking off more material in the lock or damaging the wells. Instead, let a professional locksmith assist you.

How can I recognize your locksmiths when they arrive?

All of our locksmiths drive clearly marked Pop-A-Lock vehicles, as well as wearing branded uniforms. If you are using our Customer Connect feature, you will be provided with a photo of the locksmith assigned to you as well.

I locked myself out of my house. Does Pop-A-Lock unlock homes?

Yes! Pop-A-Lock is happy to come out to your home location and assist you with unlocking your door, provided with proof that it is in fact your home.

I locked myself out of my apartment. Does Pop-A-Lock unlock apartments?

Yes! Just like we can unlock cars, homes, and businesses, Pop-A-Lock has the ability to unlock apartments, provided proof that you are a resident of the apartment.

I lost my keys. Can Pop-A-Lock replace lost keys?

Yes, there are ways in which locksmiths can create a new key for you even if you do not have one to duplicate.


How can I become a locksmith with Pop-A-Lock?

We frequently post available jobs on our Careers page, and are committed to hiring those with military experience.

How does Pop-A-Lock screen applicants?

We utilize talent from all walks of life, including single parents, disabled veterans, homebound, and those with mobility issues that deter them from employment elsewhere. We also give preferential hiring to veterans.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Does Pop-A-Lock provide equal access service?

Yes, Pop-A-Lock provides equal access to service. Ecommerce assists hearing impaired individuals complete a request for service, especially for emergency services where TTS/TTD could take too long to provide an alternative.