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Pop-A-Lock of Mississauga Sponsors Neighborhood Watch Program

Pop-A-Lock of Mississauga, owned by John Inglis, was recently recognized by Safe City Mississauga Crime Prevention, as a sponsor for the neighborhood watch program.

The company is known for sharing tips for creating a safer home and business. It makes sense that Pop-A-Lock of Mississauga would sponsor such an important program. Along with being named sponsor, Pop-A-Lock provides co-branded brochures, window clings and decals with their service number to all neighborhood watch participants. If there is ever a need for locksmith services, the phone number will always be readily available for anyone that needs it. Pop-A-Lock also provides Lost Key Return Tags, a free program to everyone, if you lose your keys, Pop-A-Lock will return them to you at no cost. Go to popalock.ca for more details on this valuable program.

The sold out event was attended by the community, business partners and sponsors. The keynote speaker for the evening was Chief Jennifer Evans of Peel Police. Also in attendance were Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and representatives of all levels of government.

We appreciate the great job being done in Mississauga and the efforts of John Inglis and his team. The safety and security of the people in our communities will remain Pop-A-Locks’ top priority.

Pop-A-Lock Partners With Storage Treasures / Storage Battles

Pop-A-Lock is pleased to announce an exclusive agreement with Storage Treasures / Storage Battles.

Most of us have seen on TV shows focused on abandoned storage units and the battle people face in acquiring the contents. While some units are disappointing, others can be worth a small fortune.

Storage Treasures / Storage Battle, North America’s largest and fastest growing online self-storage auction company and Pop-A-Lock have partnered to offer customers lock cutting, photographic and inventory services. Pop-A-Lock is North America’s most trusted group of locksmiths. This relationship will streamline services for the managers of Storage Treasures / Storage Battles and their customers.

James Grant, CEO of Storage Treasures / Storage Battles said, “This added service will bring convenience and a time-saving option to self-storage facility managers who no longer desire to cut their own locks, take pictures and inventory their storage units in preparation for sale. This will also reduce their liability, as an insured third party will be performing this duty while being observed and witnessed by the facility manager.”

Pop-A-Lock has locations throughout the United States and Canada, making the decision to partner an easy one. Don Marks, CEO says, “Pop-A-Lock is the preferred provider to numerous corporate strategic partners. Our large footprint, prompt response, latest technology, and top quality make us the first choice for security. We look forward to working with Storage Treasures / Storage Battles and their innovative, industry leading marketing and methodology.”

Storage Treasures / Storage Battles has more than 4,000 self-storage facilities that hold online auctions on their website. The company averages more than 4,000 online auctions a month with a database of 800,000 registered buyers. They expect business to continue to grow, possibly doubling in 2014.

Pop-A-Lock services will enhance the buyers experience through the services they will provide. Customers now will have an increased sense of security knowing that Pop-A-Lock is handling this task on their behalf.

For more information on the companies, go to popalock.com, storagetreasures.com and storagebattles.com.

Finding the Keys to Long-Term Success

Todd Coupal, owner of the Pop-A-Lock franchise in Vancouver, British Columbia celebrated his one year anniversary of providing professional locksmith services to the people in his community.  This milestone fulfilled Todd’s personal goal of owning a business and introducing an established brand in an untapped market.

In the January issue of Canadian Business, Todd and his locksmith franchise were profiled.  At the young age of 10 years old, Todd was bit by the entrepreneurial bug – house sitting, lawn care, and a paper route.  His strong work ethic was rewarded with a 10-speed bicycle!

Todd discusses his reasons for choosing Pop-A-Lock, “To reach my personal and financial goals, I felt like I would have to start my own company.”  After a period of due diligence, Todd discovered Pop-A-Lock, a 24/7 mobile full service locksmith company.  “Pop-A-Lock met and beat my financial criteria.  The business concept wasn’t trendy or ‘hot’, but it was essentially recession-proof.  After all, when people need a locksmith, they need a locksmith; there’s no alternative.”

Pop-A-Lock of Vancouver opened for business in October 2012 with one full-time locksmith, they now have 3.  Todd is also a licensed locksmith but spends the majority of his time building brand awareness and business development.  The main challenge is building brand awareness.  “We want to be top-of-mind, so we’re using flyers, vehicle wraps, traditional advertising, and various forms of social media.  We’re also active in the business community with local networking groups.”

Pop-A-Lock’s employees are professional and highly trained. Employees will always be in uniform and driving a marked vehicle. They have access to the latest technologies and techniques in security, with smart phone apps and a huge database with information about all kinds of locks.  Todd guarantees pricing and work to all of his customers.  Local competition is nowhere near this level.

For more information about Pop-A-Lock in Canada, go to popalock.ca and popalock.com in the United States.

Pop-A-Lock Awarded the Prestigious AAA 5 Diamond Award

Pop-A-Lock is proud to announce that two of its franchise locations, Pop-A-Lock of Riverside, CA and Pop-A-Lock of Houston, TX were awarded the prestigious AAA Five Diamond Award.

The AAA Five Diamond Award is awarded to contract stations who achieve a Tier III (Excellent) status for four quarters and/or who maintain a Tier III score consistently for the year.  Five Diamond recipients are the best of the best, only 7% of the network providers qualify for this award.

Pop-A-Lock of Riverside owners, Art Irvin and Teri Nardo were invited to Auto Club Speedway in Fontana for the MAVTV 500 Indy Car World Championships.  They were able to personally drive one of their locksmith vehicles in an escorted lap around Auto Club Speedway in front of thousands of racing fans!  An added bonus was meeting Helio Castroneves, driver of the AAA sponsored Indy Racecar.

Tony Graham, owner of Pop-A-Lock of Houston had the same opportunity.  On Sunday, November 3, Mr. Graham drove a Pop-A-Lock service van around Texas Motor Speedway at the AAA Texas 500. Earlier in October, an awards banquet was held in Dallas where Mr. Graham was honored and received a beautiful trophy and commemorative backpack.

Congratulations to our owners that received this important recognition for the outstanding job of providing services that go over and above to exceed AAA member expectations day in and day out.

Pop-A-Lock Offers FREE School Security Audits Following Another Tragic School Shooting

LAFAYETTE, LA—October 23, 2013—Pop-A-Lock™, America’s largest security company, today announced it is offering free school security audits to schools throughout the country.  The program provides a comprehensive online checklist of physical infrastructure security needs, as well as on-site assessments by a Pop-A-Lock security professional.

“We’re greatly saddened by the recent rash of school shootings throughout our country,” said Pop-A-Lock Director of Operations, Rob Reynolds.  “This violence is senseless and can be significantly mitigated by readily-available security technologies in the marketplace today.”

Pop-A-Lock’s School Security Audit is available free of charge on the company’s Website at popalock.com.  The audit provides insight into the most basic security measures, such as key access control, to sophisticated technology like perimeter surveillance. Company technicians are also available to perform a comprehensive facility security assessment on-site.

“Pop-A-Lock is committed to working with schools across the country to keep our children, teachers, and Administrators safe,” Reynolds added.

To learn more about Pop-A-Lock’s school security audit, or any of the company’s other programs, call 1-877-233-6211, or visit www.popalock.com.

About Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds is the Director of Operations for Pop-A-Lock, America’s largest security company. In this capacity, Rob leads field management of franchises, including: product development, operations, technical support, and training.  Rob began his security career as a technician where he has earned various professional titles, such as Certified Registered Locksmith, Certified Professional Safe Technician, and Aloa ACE Instructor, eventually earning a place in the company’s leadership.  He retired from the U.S. Army as a First Lieutenant and served our country in the Army Reserves.

Pop-A-Lock Announces Launch of Its Veterans Program

LAFAYETTE, LA—November 11, 2013—Pop-A-Lock™, America’s largest security company, today announced the launch of its Veterans Program.  The program encourages franchise ownership by veterans, hiring of veterans and wounded veterans as security technicians and call center representatives, as well as offers discounts to our nation’s active duty and retired military personnel.

“Our military are the cornerstone of our nation’s strength.  They exemplify the character of America.  At Pop-A-Lock, we have built our company through hard work, strong ethics and exemplary character, which squares nicely with military culture,” said Rob Reynolds, Director of Operations of Pop-A-Lock, 1st Lieutenant, U.S. Army (Ret.).  “Pop-A-Lock offers a phenomenal opportunity for veterans as employees, as well as franchisees.  Whether in the field, in our call centers, or from their home, veterans have a place within our system where they can excel and grow for their career; it’s not just a job.”

Pop-A-Lock has shown a long commitment to our nation’s military heroes:  the company already has 194 franchises owned by 17 veterans across the country; it provides discounts on basic and high technology security training for new veteran employees; as well as a discount on the franchising fee to help launch veterans in their career after the military. In addition, Pop-A-Lock offers a 10% discount on security services for active duty and retired military and their families.   Pop-A-Lock has also just been chosen as one of the nation’s Top 100 Franchises for Veterans by Franchise Business Review.

“The debt to our military heroes can never fully be paid, but we feel we can show our tremendous gratitude by welcoming veterans into the Pop-A-Lock family,” Reynolds added.

To learn more about franchising and employment opportunity, veterans are encouraged to call:  1-877-233-6211, or visit: www.popalock.com

Pop-A-Lock of Honolulu Receives Towman ACE Award 2 Years in a Row

Pop-A-Lock of Honolulu recently received the 2013 Towman ACE Award for the 2nd consecutive year in a row by The American Towman Magazine.  The award is given to the businesses that meet estimated time of arrivals (ETA’s), customer satisfaction, and professionalism.  Only the top 1% of towing operators in the United States receive this recognition.

“Providing excellent and unsurpassed customer service is one of the pillars of our business model,” said Cathy Walker, co-owner of Pop-A-Lock of Honolulu.  “Receiving this award two years in a row signifies that our focus on client service and its emphasis during our employees’ professional development training are meeting our company goals.”

The Walker’s received the official ACE Award Certificate on November 16 at the Baltimore Tow Show in Baltimore, Maryland.  In addition to the certificate, the 2013 ACE Silver Buckle was also given.  The ACE Award is co-sponsored by GEICO, the National  Automobile Club, and Coach-Net.

“With the huge mix of people and cultures ranging from locals, military personnel, and both domestic and international tourists on the island, it can be challenging to meet everyone’s expectations of top service.  Pop-A-Lock of Honolulu not only does it, they do it with extremely high customer satisfaction scores 2 years in a row,” said Rob Reynolds, Director of Operations for Pop-A-Lock.  “Cathy and Jack Walker and their team perform small miracles every day for our roadside and locksmith services customers.  The roadside service requirements in Oahu are very challenging.  Pop-A-Lock of Honolulu has done a fantastic job of zoning out the island for maximum efficiency and minimum ETA achievement.”

For more information about the services provided by Pop-A-Lock of Honolulu, go to www.popalockoahu.com.

Pop-A-Lock’s PALSavesKids Free Program

The temperatures inside a locked car can quickly rise whether it’s hot outside or not. On a sunny 70-degree day, it only takes about a half hour for the temperature inside a car take to reach 104 degrees. That temperature can be costly for a child locked in a car. That’s why we created PALSavesKids™.

Pop-A-Lock™, America’s largest security company, today announced its PALSavesKids™ program has rescued over 350,000 children locked in their caregivers’ automobiles for FREE. The public service program reminds busy caregivers to be hyper-vigilant of their children’s presence during the hot summer months through a new call-to-action: PALSaves1-Stop, 2-Look, 3-Lock.

“Our organization receives calls virtually every day about a child who has been mistakenly locked in the family car,” said Don Marks, CEO of Pop-A-Lock. “In fact, more children die of heat stroke from being locked in a car, than are killed by forward-moving accidents which is a senseless tragedy.” He added, “Please follow our PALSavesKids prompt and stop and look before you lock your vehicle, but if you forget, call Pop-A-Lock immediately, along with emergency services, and we’ll come open your car for free.”

PALSavesKids is a free community service program that was originally launched in 1991 under its former name, Emergency Door Unlocking. Since that time, Pop-A-Lock associates have saved over 350,000 children across the country for free. The program now includes a new call-to-action: PALSaves 1-2-3; 1-stop, 2-look, 3- lock, which is accompanied by a new mascot, the PALS Puppy. The new mascot is a gentle reminder to parents to look before they lock their vehicles. Pop-A-Lock wants education, not blame. Mistakes happen, but with these reminders, we can greatly decrease the frequency with which children get locked inside cars.

“We are so proud of our PALSavesKids program,” said Mr. Marks. “It is such a natural thing to protect our children through the security services we’ve become experts in. It’s just one of the ways we can give back in our communities.”

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to avoid forgetting your child ina  locked car. 

  1. Take your kids with you, even if you’re only going to be out for a few minutes. Many states have unattended child laws that make this mandatory. Being in the habit of taking your kids with you every time you get out of the car will help you remember to do so even on busy days.
  2. Don’t leave keys within reach of your children, whether at home or out and about. Auto lock buttons make it extremely easy for kids to lock themselves in the car.
  3. Keep a spare set of keys with you. Don’t keep them on the same key ring as your main set! Spare keys are a good idea for so many reasons. (P.S.  Pop-A-Lock can duplicate most car keys for much less than your dealer.)
  4. Communicate with your child’s other caretakers. The most dangerous lock-ins occur when a child is forgotten in the backseat for long periods of time, such as a full work day. Often, one parent assumes the other has dropped the child off at daycare. Ask your daycare or preschool to call you any time your child is absent.
  5. Make sure your car trunk has a release mechanism on the inside. Older kids who are playing around your car might shut themselves in the trunk and be unable to get out.
  6. Teach your kids that the car is not a safe place to play. Unattended cars and kids are a dangerous combination.
  7. Have a plan to check the car seat every time you leave the car. Some people put an important item like a wallet or phone on the floor in front of the car seat so they have to look every time they leave the car. Others have signs on the dashboard. Never assume that you’re incapable of forgetting.
  8. Program Pop-A-Lock’s number into your phone now. Even with good precautions, accidents happen. Pop-A-Lock locksmiths around the country provide free, fast emergency door unlocks that save lives. We work with first responders and emergency services to get there fast, work effectively, and rescue your child 24/7.

Safety To and From School

It’s that time of the year again and with all of the hustle and bustle of shopping for supplies and new school clothes, we may forget to discuss safety with our children.  Specifically, a safe course of action in regards to getting to and from school.  Whether your child rides the bus or their bike, or simply walks a short distance, this is one conversation that needs to be had.

It’s important to take the time to discuss with your children how to be safe on their way to and from school and to make them aware of the possible dangers around them.  Take a day or two to walk the route with your child before classes begin to ensure they know exactly where to go and what to do along the way.  This will give you the opportunity to answer any questions they may have and to see the route for yourself and any hazards that they may run into.  The National Safety Council offers some helpful tips to discuss with your children as they start the new school year.

Walking To School – Walk the route with your child before school begins.

  • If possible, walk with a group and at least one adult, especially if the child is 10 or younger.
  • Use the sidewalk, if one in not available, walk facing traffic.
  • The safest place to cross is at a corner or intersection, but before crossing stop and look left-right-left.  Walk, don’t run – drivers will not be prepared to stop safely if a child runs out in front of them.  Also, don’t walk out in front of a parked car, an oncoming driver will not a see a child until it’s too late.

Riding A Bicycle – Make sure to go over the rules of the road to ensure your child’s safety.

  • Always wear a helmet and make sure it fits properly.  Also, wear bright colors to be seen easily.
  • Wait for a driver’s signal before crossing the street.  Be sure to come to a complete stop at all stop signs and lights.
  • Ride on the right side of the road or trail in a single file line in the same direction as other vehicles.
  • If your child must ride at night, be sure to have a white light on the front of the bicycle and a red reflector on the back.  You can also put reflective materials on shoes, clothing, and backpacks.
  • Be sure that your child feels comfortable on a bicycle.  The more skilled they are, the less likely they will crash.  Have them practice riding in a straight line, looking over their shoulder, signaling with their hands, and starting/stopping.

School Bus Safety – When your child is at the bus stop, they need to be aware of the safe way to approach and exit the school bus.

  • When the bus arrives, make sure to stand 3 giant steps (6 ft) away from the curb.  Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before approaching.
  • If you have to cross the street to board the bus, walk 5 giant steps (10 ft) in front of the bus.  The bus driver needs to be able to see the child clearly at all times.  Never walk behind the bus.
  • Before crossing the street, wait for the bus driver to signal that it’s safe to cross the center line.  Tell your child to still look left-right-left before crossing the streets center line even after the bus driver gives the safe signal.  No one can predict when traffic may suddenly change.
  • Always stay away from the buses wheels.  If you need to pick up something, let the bus driver know first so that they are aware of what’s happening.

All of these safety tips are easy follow and important to remember.  By taking some time with your children to go over the why’s and how’s, it will go a long way in establishing safe habits and practices that will stay with them throughout the school year.