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What is the difference between changing a lock and re-keying a lock?

Changing a lock implies removing the existing lock and installing a new one.  This is usually done if you want a different lock design/color, you want to upgrade your locks to a higher security system, or have different lock brands around your building that you would like to operate on one key.  Re-keying a lock changes the working key to a different one by altering the pin configuration within the existing lock. The most popular reasons for re-keying are change of renters, home resale, lost keys, or to prevent someone with a current key from gaining access. 

What are the different types of automotive keys?

  • Mechanical:  Prior to 1995, most automotive keys were a simple metal mechanical key.  These keys are the easiest to originate or duplicate because it is only a matter of matching up the key cuts.

  • Transponder:  In the late 1900s, chip technology was introduced.  As pictured, most transponder keys have a black plastic key head.  Embedded within the structure of the key is a transponder chip. It is important to understand that a chipless key will not start the car. Any new keys that are originated or duplicated require the anti-theft system in the vehicle to be programmed to accept the new chip.

  • Transponder with Remote Fob:  In addition to the functions of the Transponder key, remote fobs allow you to remotely lock and unlock your car door and/or trunk.  Some also have a build in security alarm.

  • Remote Head:  A remote head key is essentially a transponder key plus a remote fob in one.  Two popular styles are the flip key with switchblade-style and a fixed blade.

  • Proximity Key:   This is a small fob that allows for a keyless entry and ignition system. The fob communicates via radio waves with your car to lock and unlock doors and start the engine when within the acceptable range.

Why should I leave a message on the answering service?

Our technicians and dispatch operator work very hard to answer and attend to every call.  Occasionally, the volume is very high and some calls get sent to voicemail. When this happens, we want to get back to you immediately, so leaving a message allows us that opportunity.  Messages are checked after hours, as well, so don’t give up if you get our answering service. Someone will be in touch as soon as possible to assist you.  

What is a lost key return tag?

We all know how easy (and frustrating) it can be to lose your keys – and it can also be expensive if you have to replace your keys or change the locks. Our key return program can save you time, trouble and money – and it only takes two simple steps to join the program:

  1. Place our special “Key Return Tag” on your key ring.
  2. Register by entering your tag number and contact information in the form below.

That’s it! If you lose your keys in the future, the finder can simply drop your keys in the mail (as instructed on the tag). Pop-A-Lock® will pay the postage and your keys will be mailed to whatever address you have provided. It’s safe, it’s convenient – and best of all – it’s free!

Should I purchase a blank key prior to calling you?

We would not recommend it.  All Pop A Lock technicians carry most keys in their trucks and can provide you the best fitting on the spot.  Due to the inconsistency of other key providers, Pop A Lock only guarantees the blank keys we provide. We keep our prices competitive and try to provide you with the best key for your needs.


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