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Benefits of Digital Deadbolts on Your Home

Life is busy. While planning schedules for work, the kids with their after school activities, extended family and so on, don’t forget about how your kids, guests or others will get in the house. If you’re worried about the kids keeping track of the house keys, getting locked out or leaving doors unlocked, consider the...Read More

The 3 D’s of Home Security

DETER Deterrence is both the first and best step you can take in securing your home. Effective deterrence may prevent a breach of your home. As a would be intruder encounters more and more resistance, they're more likely to move on to a less secure option. All security devices play a role in deterring burglars....Read More

PALSavesKids™ Community Program

A Free Community Service from Pop-A-Lock®. It can happen to anyone. A child dies in a vehicle after being locked inside. This tragedy typically occurs when a parent or caregiver makes a change in their routine. The parent that normally drives the child to their activities has a schedule change, causing the other parent to...Read More

How to Know if Your Hotel Room is Secure

How to Know if Your Hotel Room is Secure Traveling is a fun adventure for some, stressful for others. However, the one thing all travelers have in common is wanting their temporary home to feel like a safe space in an unfamiliar place. But how can you know for sure that your hotel room is...Read More

Home Security Audit

Pop-A-Lock Home Security Inspection Checklist Download PDF Checklist The purpose of this home security inspection sheet is to identify features in your home which might make your home an easy target for a burglar. Each question on the checklist is answered with a response in the second column to indicate a security weakness or hazard...Read More

When To Rekey and When To Change Locks

For safety purposes, many homeowners think of changing their locks to prevent old occupants from having access to their home or if you lost the keys to your home and want to make sure no one else has access to it. Fortunately, there is a much simpler way than just changing your locks all together....Read More

Can A Locksmith Help Solve a 110-yr Old Jewel Heist?

    Can a locksmith help solve a 110-year-old jewel heist? Travel Channel’s tv series, Legend Hunter, sought the answer while trying to discover the fate of the Irish Crown Jewels; stolen from a safe within the walls of Dublin Castle on July 6, 1907. England’s King George gifted the Crown Jewels, worth $20 million...Read More

Need Car Keys? Pop A Lock is here for you!

Whether you have lost your keys or just need the security of knowing you have a “back up”, we will make new or duplicate keys for your vehicle at your location and schedule. Call us today at 706-303-0001.

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