Life is busy. While planning schedules for work, the kids with their after school activities, extended family and so on, don’t forget about how your kids, guests or others will get in the house. If you’re worried about the kids keeping track of the house keys, getting locked out or leaving doors unlocked, consider the benefits of adding a digital deadbolt to your home. 

Digital deadbolts can be as simple as programing codes for different users right at the lock, no control panels, or complicated systems to manage. The codes you program will unlock the door 24/7 until you remove the code. These user-friendly locks are great for households with a few regular users when constant code changes aren’t necessary.  

For greater control, consider a Wi-Fi enabled deadbolt. You can still issue codes but now you manage the lock with an app on your phone which allows you to not only issue codes but schedule when a code will unlock the door. This is a great feature for a busy household when some people should only have access during certain days or hours, such as a pet sitter or care giver. You can also check to see if the door is locked or not and lock or unlock as needed right from your phone. 

Whichever you choose giving out codes instead of keys is one way to make your home more secure. No need to worry about copies of keys getting into the wrong hands or lost or stolen keys. No more lockouts because of lost or forgotten keys!

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