Feeling secure in your home is a top priority and achieving that safety doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Here are seven practical and budget-friendly ways to enhance the security of your home:

1. Make it Look Like You’re Home, Even if You’re Not:

Motion-Activated Lights: Scare off potential intruders with lights triggered by motion, creating the illusion of an occupied home.

Lights on Timers: Utilize smart bulbs on random timers to give the appearance of activity, making it difficult for burglars to discern your absence.

2. Manage Mail and Packages:

Empty Mailbox: Prevent an overflowing mailbox by asking a neighbor or friend to collect your mail while you’re away.

Secure Packages: Request delivery people to leave packages in a discreet location to avoid signaling an empty home.

3. Maintain Yard Neatness:

Trim Bushes and Grass: Keep your yard tidy to avoid giving the impression of an unattended home. Well-maintained surroundings also make it harder for thieves to stay unnoticed.

4. Rekey Your Home:

Rekey your home to control who has access to your keys, ensuring only trusted individuals possess copies. If you can’t be certain who has a key, don’t take chances with your safety.

5. Install Smart Locks:

Automatically locking smart locks eliminate the risk of an unlocked door, providing peace of mind and enhanced security. 

6. Secure Windows:

Install locks on windows to fortify every entry point and prevent unauthorized access.

Restrict window openings to a safe limit, allowing fresh air while keeping potential intruders out.

7. Install Security Measures:

Place cameras inside or outside your home for added surveillance and peace of mind.

Install alarms that activate upon door or window opening, alerting you and a security company to potential threats.

Increasing your home security can be achieved through simple steps like managing your mailbox or investing in advanced measures like security cameras. Regardless of your budget or neighborhood, there’s a solution to fit your needs. Prioritize your safety with these easy and effective tips!

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