Your garage security is crucial for overall home safety, yet it’s often an overlooked area. The garage serves as a significant entry and exit point, often housing valuable items. Neglecting its security can make it an easy target for criminals. However, with Pop-A-Lock’s nine practical tips, you can enhance your garage’s security, making your home a safer place to live.

1. Keep Your PIN a Secret:

Electronic keypads are common for garage doors. Protect your home by keeping the PIN confidential, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Educate family members, especially children, about the importance of not sharing this information.

2. Check Locks on Exterior Doors:

Evaluate the functionality of side entrance locks leading to outdoor areas. Ensure doors close and lock easily; consider installing new locks if needed.

3. Consider a Garage Door Alarm Sensor:

Integrate garage door alarm sensors into your home security system. These monitor door activity, providing an additional layer of security to ensure doors aren’t left open accidentally.

4. Invest In Security Cameras:

Boost security with the installation of cameras. Given that garage doors are frequently not visible from inside the house, cameras offer a swift and convenient solution to monitor whether the garage doors are open or closed.

5. Keep The Exterior Of Your Home Well Lit:

Brightly lit entrances, including the garage, deter thieves. Install lighting if necessary to make potential criminal activity visible from the street.

6. Be Mindful About Garage Door Openers:

Prevent criminals from using stolen garage door openers by not leaving them in your car. Take it with you when leaving your car with parking attendants or valet services.

7. Double-Check that the Door Closed, Every Time:

Before leaving home, always ensure the garage door is closed. Malfunctions may leave it open, exposing your property. Double-checking ensures this vulnerable area is secure.

8. Always Lock Doors Leading to the Interior of the Home:

Even with a closed garage door, always lock the entrance leading to your home. This extra layer of security deters potential intruders from accessing your living space.

9. Educate Children on Garage Door Safety:

With over 15,000 injuries reported yearly, garage doors pose risks. Educate children on safety rules, such as avoiding riding on the door and staying clear during its operation.