For safety purposes, many homeowners think of changing their locks to prevent old occupants from having access to their home or if you lost the keys to your home and want to make sure no one else has access to it. Fortunately, there is a much simpler way than just changing your locks all together. Rekeying a lock can be done by a professional locksmith and does not require new locks but will provide you with new keys and the old keys will no longer work. If you have good quality locks on your doors that you want to keep, then rekeying is an excellent option.

Rekeying is a procedure completed by a professional locksmith. The lock cylinder is removed from your current lock. Next, the pins/ tumblers are removed and replaced, with a different combination and the lock cylinder is re-installed. The same rekey can be done with all your locks so one key, if they are all the same brand of lock or if they have the same keyway. Rekeying your current locks will save you a good deal of money rather than changing it all together and give you some peace of mind knowing no one else has a copy of your brand-new keys.

Changing locks gives you the option of removing the entire lock and replace it with a lock of your choice with options like size, color, brand, and style. Upgrading to electronic / keypad deadbolts is a popular option. When considering new locks, a locksmith can help you choose the best options for your home to ensure you achieve all your function and security needs. A locksmith can also make sure all locks are keyed to the same key if that is what you choose, an option not always available when buying locks off the shelf and installing “as is”.

Consider rekeying when:

You like the lock but want new keys and want to limit access to your home

You want to change all your locks to one key.

You lost the keys to your home

Consider changing locks when:

Upgrading from traditional locks to smart electronic / keypad locks

You want to change the lock style on your door

The lock isn’t functioning properlyThe lock isn’t functioning properlyThe lock isn’t functioning properly