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Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Provides Commercial Locks Rekeying Services in Pittsburgh, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Lock rekeying is often one of the most economical ways to fix your commercial locks. One of our locksmiths will come out to your location to assess your current lock situation and get a better understanding of whether your locks need to be replaced, repaired, or simply rekeyed.

Rekeying is a specialized technique that we use to change your current lock system to use different keys. Your old keys no longer work, as we’ll change the tumblers inside of your locks to a new, more secure key.

This is a perfect opportunity if you have high-end locks already installed, you have a manager who left your company, or someone gained access to your building unknowingly. Rekeying allows you to secure your building’s doors for as little money as possible.

Pop-A-Lock’s Rekeying Services

Commercial entities are always trying to increase their business’s security. There are a lot of reasons why you may call us, but the most common reasons people rekey their commercial locks include:

  • Lost keys. There are a lot of companies that only have one pair of keys, and they lose them. Managers or other employees may also leave the company and take their keys with them. When this occurs, it’s better to rekey your locks to ensure your business’s safety.
  • Burglary. If your commercial building was burglarized, hiring a professional locksmith should be one of the first calls that you make. We’ll come in to check your building’s security, and we can rekey your locks to ensure your building is safe.

Pop-A-Lock Locksmith works with an extensive network of lock and key companies, provides emergency services to come to your commercial building day or night, and we’re part of a national franchise of the leading professional locksmiths.

If you need commercial locks rekeying services, give Pop-A-Lock Locksmith in Pittsburgh a call today at 412-503-7546 for a free quote.

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