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Professional Security Camera Installers in the Houston Area

Pop-A-Lock is a leading Houston security company in surveillance camera installation. We have the right know-how and expertise to design the camera system installation that will work for your home. Our locksmiths and security experts will plan a home security system that monitors your property and its perimeter from all angles. We have designed and installed high quality CCTV and surveillance systems across homes in the greater Houston area and know how to make your home safe and secure. 

The best way to protect your home is by installing a security camera inside and outside. You can then monitor who enters and exits your home and any attempt by an unwanted intruder. 

Our technicians have worked on commercial and residential CCTV projects and know what each type of surveillance camera installation requires.

Commercial Security and Surveillance Camera Systems Installation

If you want your business premises to be secure and safe at all times, you must have CCTV and surveillance camera systems inside and outside your business. 

Businesses have special requirements when it comes to video surveillance systems. As the best security camera experts, we can design a system that fits your business requirements and adjust it with keypad locks to monitor remotely who enters and exits your premises. 

The point of a surveillance system is to catch every corner of your property and monitor it with night vision at all times. This deters potential residential and commercial threats and gives you peace of mind. 

We have designed and installed CCTV and security camera systems for small businesses as well as large commercial areas. We have the experience and equipment to protect yours as well.

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Home Outdoor / Indoor Security Cameras

Sometimes high-security locks are just not enough. If you want full protection for your home then you need our state-of-the-art outdoor and indoor Houston security cameras. 

Our home security systems are designed to cover your whole home, inside and outside with 24/7 monitoring. We can install cameras and surveillance systems around your front porch, backyard, parking area as well as the entire interior. Our solutions are fully customizable and adjusted to the layout of your home.

Why Choose Pop-A-Lock Surveillance Cameras Installation Specialist in Houston and Surrounding Area

  • If you want the best security specialist in Houston, then you need Pop-A-Lock. 
  • Our team is reliable, professional, and expert at installing all types of cameras and CCTV systems. Our customer reviews speak for our professional approach and know-how. 
  • Our specialists are highly trained and are constantly retrained on the latest technology to give our customers the best security services. 
  • We serve Houston and the surrounding areas and are part of the local community. 
  • We care about our reputation as outstanding CCTV security specialists and draw on years of experience.
Security Camera Installation from Pop A Lock in Houston, TX

Business Security Camera Installation

Our business security camera installation services are designed to provide full coverage and advanced monitoring capabilities. 

We listen to your needs and will design a system that includes solutions such as high-definition cameras, remote access, and real-time alerts. Based on our experience, we can mix and match technologies and systems to cover your business inside out. 

With Pop-A-Lock in Houston, you protect your employees, customers, and assets with a system that fits your needs and is easy to manage.

High-quality commercial security camera system featuring wireless and wired commercial-grade surveillance cameras, ideal for business security with options for remote locations and outdoor use. Includes security camera comparison, placement guide, and installation for small businesses, offices, and large commercial buildings. Offering digital and analog systems, IP cameras, CCTV monitoring, DVRs, and video surveillance systems with night vision, made in the USA. Perfect for commercial security with comprehensive solutions and cost-effective packages.

Security Camera Installation And Integration

What’s the point of a camera if it’s not integrated into your overall system? 

If you already have a security system and would like to increase the number of cameras or access points, we can integrate the security cameras into your existing security infrastructure to boost your overall protection strategy. We place the cameras in strategic locations to capture all movement around your business or home. 

Our team knows how to integrate new cameras with existing security systems such as alarms and access controls. 

Our goal is to deliver an all-inclusive security solution that works for you.

Network IP Camera Installation

Technology is making life easier. 

If you want advanced video surveillance camera capabilities for your home or business, our network IP camera installation services offer high-resolution video, remote viewing, and flexible scalability. You can keep an eye on your business during weekends or monitor your home during holidays. 

These camera surveillance systems connect to your network and allow you to monitor your property from anywhere with an internet connection. Our IP camera solutions are ideal for those who need sophisticated and easily accessible surveillance options. If you want to have 24/7 control over your business premises or your home, then ask for our network IP camera installation and enjoy peace of mind!

Smart Security Camera Installers

As smart home technology continues to evolve, our smart security camera installers are keeping up with all developments. 

We provide cutting-edge smart security cameras that integrate with your home automation systems. This means we can offer features such as motion detection, facial recognition, and voice control. 

Our smart security solutions can improve your home safety and add convenience and intelligence to your home security system. We take security to the next level to help you feel safe.

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Schedule an appointment for your security camera installation with Pop-A-Lock in Houston! Don’t let security concerns stop you from feeling safe in your home or business. Contact us today, and our customer service team will support you with the best surveillance system. We look forward to working together to ensure your property is secure year-round.


What types of Houston security camera systems do you install?

We install many different types of security camera systems including commercial security camera systems, home outdoor and indoor security cameras, network IP cameras, and smart security cameras. Each system is customized to meet the specific camera surveillance needs of our clients.

How long does it take to install security cameras?

The installation time depends on the complexity and size of the system being installed. For most residential systems, installation can be completed within a few hours. 

Commercial installations may take longer, usually one to two days, depending on the scope of the project.

Can I access my security cameras remotely?

Yes, our security camera systems offer remote access capabilities. With our network IP cameras and smart security solutions, you can monitor your property from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

How do I choose the right security camera system for my needs?

During our free consultation, we assess your property and discuss your security concerns to recommend the best security camera system tailored to your needs and budget.

Are your technicians licensed and insured?

Yes, all our technicians are licensed, insured, and highly trained to ensure your security camera system is professional.

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