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Car Locksmith Services

We all live busy lives and the last thing you want to deal with is losing your key or locking yourself out of your vehicle. At Pop-A-Lock Polk County, we’ve seen it all – from keys breaking off in the ignition to getting locked in the trunk. Our professional car locksmiths work hard to ensure that you always have someone to call for help. Whether you need car door unlocking, a car key replacement, or a spare copy, you can turn to the car locksmith professionals at Pop-A-Lock.

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Reliable Car Locksmith Services for All Vehicles

Keys and cars go together – you can’t use one without the other. At Pop-A-Lock Polk County, we carry a large selection of remote car keys, high-security laser cut keys, and chip keys (transponder keys) which we can cut and program on the spot. We provide key copies, replacements, and lockout services for cars, trucks, motorhomes, RVs, and motorcycles. Our car locksmiths even work with commercial auto fleets to ensure each vehicle is safe and secure.

From the standard key to a high-tech smart FOB key, our highly skilled car locksmith technicians are equipped to get the job done efficiently and professionally. Eliminate future lockout problems by investing in a spare key today! It’s as simple as requesting a service online.

We are Polk County’s Trusted Car Locksmith

  • We have an extensive inventory of specialty parts on-hand so we’ll typically have the parts you need for your vehicle. 
  • We are the trusted car locksmith for both AAA and Enterprise for most of Polk County, Florida.
  • We are the only car locksmith in Polk County, Florida who can service European vehicles including Mercedes, BMWs, Volkswagens, and more.
  • We cut and program your keys on site in our Pop-A-Lock vans. Our car locksmiths will come directly to your location so you don’t have to worry.

Count on us for European Car Locksmithing Services

Want a spare mercedes key? Need a BMW key replacement? Locked out or your Volkswagen? No matter which kind of car you drive or whether you still have the keys in your possession, Pop-A-Lock Polk County’s certified car locksmiths are trained to work on all makes and models, including European vehicles. We provide professional and affordable car door unlocking, car key replacement, and car key copy services to ensure you always have access to your vehicle.

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Ignition Repair & Ignition Replacement

If your car keys are getting sticky or you find it difficult to start your car, it could be that your ignition is getting old and worn down. We recommend that you call our expert car locksmith technicians as soon as you notice any trouble. This will prevent you from getting stuck with a broken ignition while you’re on the road.

However, if your ignition does falter, there is no need to worry. The team at Pop-A-Lock Polk County will be by your side as quickly as possible to assess your car’s ignition and begin repairs. 

We can rebuild and rekey your ignition so that your existing key will continue to work. If the ignition is too far gone, we can replace it entirely. If you have a broken key in the ignition, we can extract that as well.


If you ever notice a child or infant trapped in a car, or you’ve accidentally locked your little one inside, it’s important to act as quickly and calmly as possible. If you see a child locked inside a vehicle, call 911 immediately. Then, you can turn to the friendly professionals at Pop-A-Lock Polk County.

Pop-A-Lock Polk County does everything we can to help in situations like these. Our PALSavesKids initiative is designed to quickly and safely remove children who have been left inside of locked vehicles. 

This service is completely free of charge, no questions asked. Our mission is to help educate caregivers, prevent children from getting locked in cars, and create a judgment free place that our community can rely on for help.

Person unlocking the door to their car. Their keys have an orange Pop-A-Lock keychain attachment.

Not only can we work on all vehicles including European cars, trucks, motorcycles, and motorhomes, but we can also work with any type of car key. 

Need to Program a Transponder Key?

A transponder or chip key contains an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip which is used to prevent car theft. Without this important chip, the car will not start. 

Though it’s possible to program transponder keys on your own, we highly recommend enlisting the help of a professional car locksmith. Afterall, not all transponder keys are compatible with every make and model of vehicle. 

The car locksmith team at Pop-A-Lock can find, cut, and program the correct key for your car, getting you back on the road in no time.

Lost Your Laser-Cut Car Key?

Laser-cut keys were designed to offer a higher level of security. Due to their high-security design, laser-cut keys require the work of a trained and certified car locksmith which is exactly what you’ll get when you choose Pop-A-Lock Polk County. 

Looking for a Remote Car Key Replacement?

Just as the name suggests, remote car keys have a selection of buttons which can be used to lock and unlock the vehicle. If you lost your remote car key and need a replacement, the car locksmiths at Pop-A-Lock will be at your side in no time.

Need a Smart Key Copy?

Smart proximity keys are becoming increasingly common as they are convenient and safe. They are detected by the vehicle when the owner is nearby and are used to lock, unlock, and start the vehicle. 

Smart keys can be very expensive when you purchase a new copy from your car dealership. Luckily, the car locksmiths at Pop-A-Lock can replace your smart key quickly, and at a fraction of the cost.


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