Get Quick, Responsive Locksmith Service In The Southeastern Massachusetts Area

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Pop-A-Lock is your most affordable, reliable and professional locksmith service in Southeastern Massachusetts.

We are a full-service, mobile locksmith company that provides automotive, residential, and commercial security services. Our expert locksmiths are available 24/7 to serve you at any location. Whether a scheduled appointment to change the locks at your home or office or an unplanned disruption, such as realizing you are locked out of your car or home without keys, our team will respond quickly and efficiently.

Pop-A-Lock has continued to grow and expand over the last 20 years because we strive to make customer satisfaction our top priority. We understand that the need for locksmith services often arises from a negative situation (a broken key, being locked out, etc.), so providing high quality, professional services is very important to us. 

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To provide the best, we employ the best.

Each of our locksmiths passes an extensive pre-screening process and completes a comprehensive training program as part of the on-boarding process. Our mobile locksmith vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure that our locksmiths are prepared to handle any situation.

Our goal is to provide affordable, reliable and responsive service to our customers.

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PAL Saves Kids and Pets.

At Pop-A-Lock, we’re especially proud of our PAL Saves Kids and Pets program that responds immediately to callers who have locked a child or pet in their car. We understand that accidents happen and that this is an extremely stressful situation. If you accidentally lock your child or pet inside your car, call the police first, and then call Pop-A-Lock. We’ll respond immediately to open up the car free of charge.


We serve the entire Southeastern Massachusetts area. If you live in Rockland, Hingham, or Plymouth, we can serve you. Our locksmiths will respond quickly and provide professional and reliable service. Give Pop-A-Lock Southeastern Massachusetts a call today!