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Pop-A-Lock of Knoxville – Residential Locksmith Service

Pop-A-Lock Knoxville residential
Residential Locksmith services available in Knoxville, TN include Rekeys, Lock Repairs, High Security Locks, Hardware Upgrades and more!

Professional Services Performed by Skilled and Licensed Tradespeople

Pop-A-Lock Locksmiths will arrive in full uniform and in clearly marked vehicles.

Complete Home Locksmith Services:

  • Home Lockouts
  • Re-keying
  • Bump Proof Locks
  • Repair/Replacement of Locks
  • Keyless Entry
  • Deadbolts and Door Knobs Installation
  • Mail Box Locks
  • Patio Doors Locks
  • Cabinet Locks
  • Safe Sales, Installation, and Service
  • Evictions/ REOs (Real-Estate Owned properties)
  • Home Security Consultation


For any non-commercial establishment like a single family dwelling, duplex, apartment or a condominium, Pop-A-Lock provides a wide range of services for home security so that your family home remains as safe as possible.

Pop-A-Lock of Knoxville is your leading locksmith choice for service provider in the area.

We open your locks without resorting to drilling and destroying your hardware. This saves you money because you will not have to buy a new lock, excepting the cases of malfunctioning locks or true high security locks.

We have residential lock specialists on staff, this means that we will do everything possible to get you into, or secure your home using locksmith industry best practices in the least expensive way possible.

What does rekey mean, how is it different than if I want to change my locks?

Re-Key services are provided when a residence either needs all of the homes locks to work with a single key, or when the security of the home is compromised by unauthorized individuals having keys to the residence. When we rekey a lock we change the insides of the lock or change the tumbler so that the old key doesn’t work and the new key does. We can also change your locks, by removing the old door hardware and replacing it with new hardware that can improve the aesthetics of your home and even increase the value of your property. So if you are moving in and want to lock out old keys or considering selling you home contact us to help!

I’ve seen lock bumping on the internet, is this a real threat and does it work as shown on Youtube(c) vidoes?

Lock bumping is a real thing and when bump keys are properly produced, can compromise the majority of pin tumbler locks use on homes. There are several clever methods used to deter or defeat lock bumping including the use of highly bump resistant locks. These are a real threat but bump resistant locks are just part of a few layers of security that should be considered in addition to basic front door video and an alarm system.

Is a safe worth getting, what should I look for?

Our most common advice after a home security audit is that home owners invest in a safe. Pop-A-Lock offers the full line of American Security or AMSEC safes. We try to make homeowners understand the importance of having a home safe while giving safety solutions at the lowest possible cost. Safes come in many different sizes and functions a good ‘safe bet’ is to get a fire resistant safe that is also rated for protection of electronic media such as disk, harddrives, USB’s and similar.

Trust your Pop-a-Lock Locksmith Knoxville – the leader in locksmith services where safety, quality and reliability is concerned while offering the most competitive prices.

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