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Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Knoxville: Smart Key Experts

Smart Keys Replaced or Duplicated
Emergency car lockout
Install and repair Ignition switch
Cut and program last keys
Program FOB Keys and push button start
Remove broken key
Re-key lock cylinder to match with the ignition switch
Re-pin the ignition to match the door key
Keyless entry
Refresh Toyota ECU and Old Honda mobilizer

Pop-A-Lock of Knoxville - Automotive Locksmith Services


Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Knoxville provides fast and friendly locksmith services for all your automotive needs.


Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Knoxville provides fast and friendly locksmith services for all your automotive needs.

We’re are available 24/7 and even on holidays, so if you find yourself in a bad situation, have no fear we are just call or click away. Regardless of your situation, Pop-A-Lock will get you sorted out in no time.

Public Service Best Practice:

If it is an emergency situation (accidentally locked a child or pet inside the car), call the proper authorities and then call Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Knoxville immediately! Our PAL Saves Lives program will unlock the car quickly, and at no cost.

Use our non-emergency services to prepare for the future! Let us make a spare key for you to keep on your person at all times. This way you’ll never be locked out of your car again. The best part is that we can make any kind of key you need, electronic or standard. So be proactive today!

We serve Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas on the right. Whatever your needs, we can meet them. So call Pop-A-Lock of Knoxville today!

We service virtually any type of car, truck or SUV key and lock including lost key replacement and duplicate keys or fobs for nearly every make of vehicle.

Here are some technical notes about our lost key/remote/fob replacement and duplication services.

Make Specific Key Services:

  •   Acura Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs including reflashing of cars immobilizer.
  •   Audi Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs and Remote reProgramming
  •   BMW Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs on most BMW's from 1998 to 2010
  •   Buick Keys, Remotes including VATS, Transponders, GM Recall keys and Prox or Push to Start Keys.
  •   Cadillac Keys and remotes including VATS, Transponders, GM Recall keys and Prox or Push to Start Keys. 
  •   Chevrolet Keys and remotes including VATS, Transponders, GM Recall keys and Prox or Push to Start Keys.
  •   Chrysler Keys, Remotes including Fobik keys, Push to Start fobs.
  •   Dodge Keys, Remotes including Fobik keys, Push to Start fobs. 
  •   Eagle Keys and Remotes for these older vehicles.
  •   Ferrari Keys for most older model vehicles. Transponder equipped vehicle vary and we may be able to help!
  •   Ford Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs. From Model T to the most modern Ford MyKey Systems can be done by Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Knoxville.
  •   GM Keys, remotes and fobs for nearly every vehicle made since 1936 to the next generation keyless systems. 
  •   GMC Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs. Even your basic GMC pick up truck or van key can required key programming!
  •   Honda Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs including reprogramming for vehicles requiring automotive diagnostic equipment to programming and reflashing.
  •   Hummer Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs can be done right on site. 
  •   Hyundai Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs including the latest generation of push to start Hyundai Prox keys.
  •   Infiniti Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs. Infiniti Intellikeys push to start and keyless entry are one of our best sellers.
  •   Isuzu Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs. Though Isuzu no longer sells passenger vehicles, we can program isuzu keys and cut the key to get you going without dealer assistance!
  •   Jaguar Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs are specialized Tibbe type keys and require Jaguar key programming.
  •   Jeep Keys, Remotes including Fobik keys, Push to Start fobs.
  •   Kia Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs of any type including passive entry and keyless systems.
  •   Lamborghini Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs for some vehicles, call us to verify if we can save your an expensive trip to the Lambroghini dealer for a lost key.
  •   Land Rover Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs can be made without an expensive trip to the Land Rover dealer for replacement or duplicate Land Rover Keys.
  •   Lexus keys remotes and fobs require specialized key cutting equipment and programming. This includes vehicles manufactured from 1998 to 2006 which are very expensive through the Lexus dealer in Knoxville. Please let us save you nearly $1000!
  •   Lincoln Keys, Remote and Key Fobs have required programming for nearly 2 decades and we can provide service immediately at your location.
  •   Lotus Keys are no longer available through a dealership but we can replace your key or duplicate your existing key.
  •   Mazda Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs come in many types and we can do all of them for you.
  •   Mercedes-Benz Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs are extremely specialized but don't spend your money at the dealer until you contact us for savings and convenience.
  •   Mercury Keys, Remote and Key Fobs are very similar to Ford but some are more specialized keys that we can make. If you vehicle is older than 10 years the dealership will have some difficulty replacing your key. Call us instead.
  •   Mitsubishi Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs are available and we are fully capable of cutting and programming your keys.
  •   Nissan Keys, Remotes and Intellikey Fob are very specialized and we can program these right where you are.
  •   Oldsmobile Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs even for older vehicles that the dealer no longer has key code records on file.
  •   Peugeot Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs these European vehicle keys are rare in the US but can be done!
  •   Pontiac Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs. Though Pontiac vehicles are no longer made, we can service them.
  •   Porsche Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs can be made in many cases without an expensive trip to the dealer, call us to verify if we can help replace your Porsche key or remote.
  •   Saab Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs are some of the most expensive keys to purchase from a car dealer. Contact us first to save over a thousand dollars on some vehicles such as the Saab 9-3/9-5 plug style key.
  •   Saturn Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs are a specialized type of General Motors key that requires car key experts to service properly. Did you know that forcing your ignition to hard on some Saturns can cause a security lockout?
  •   Subaru Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs have evolved from simple products to very sophisticated electronic key systems. 
  •   Suzuki Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs are no problem for us to duplicate or replace.
  •   Toyota Keys, Remotes and Key Fobs have evolved from simple mechanical keys all the way to encrypted keyless systems that we can service for you. This includes vehicles made from 1998 to 2006 which can cost nearly $2K at the dealer. Don't spend your money until you check with us.
  •   Volkswagen Keys, switch blade keys, Remotes and Key Fobs are one of our specializations. Don't wait days for a key when you can get it now from Pop-A-Lock Locksmith.
  •   Volvo Keys, Switch Blade keys, Remotes and Key Fobs are some of the most sophisticated and expensive keys and fobs on the road. Before you purchase a dealer key, check with Pop-A-Lock for the best option.

What is a transponder key? How do they work?

Modern vehicle systems are no longer controlled by just a mechanical key. Nearly all vehicles manufactured since 1998, and many before that, are equipped with a security system that prevents an unprogrammed key from starting or allowing the vehicle to run. An RFID chip in the vehicle provides a digital identity to the vehicle when it is electrically charged with an inductive radio signal from the car. This radio wave charges up the transponder in the key until it triggers a response from the key.

Transponder Key • Transponders (artificial word made up of TRANSmitter / resPONDER) belong to the group of electronic devices that operate according to the RF-ID (Radio Frequency – IDentification) technology. Thereby the system consisting of transponder and reading unit enables a contactless detection and allocation of objects. The transponder is powered by inductive coupling so that no batteries are necessary.

The transponder key has the transponder electronic integrated in its plastic handle where it is encapsulated in a glass or plastic body. It consists of:

– A microchip that contains the unique key ID-number. Due to an encrypted request signal from the immobilizer control module the chip calculates a matching code for the ID-number before it is transferred. To prevent an unauthorized scanning of the ID-number the code changes with each transfer and uses several million different coding possibilities.

– A coil, which transfers and receives all data signals to and from the immobilizer control module via the coil antenna / transceiver.

– A capacitor that powers the transponder electronic and is charged by inductive coupling through the coil antenna / transceiver


Can Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Knoxville replace my lost key and program it? I thought I could only get my chip key from a car dealer?

Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Knoxville has an arsenal of transponder key programming equipment and tools that allow us to quickly get you back on the road if you need a lost key replaced or if you need a duplicate chip key made.

Also many keys have combined the key and remote into one key. These are referred to as a Remote Head Key and in some cases the key may 'flip' out of the body of the key such as on a Volkswagen vehicle. These are nick-named 'Flippy Keys' by many customers and they are no problem for us to make on the spot.

There is no such thing as a "Dealer Only Key", due to the joint efforts of the OEM's, National Insurance Crime Bureau, NASTF.ORG and various locksmith industry leaders virtually any vehicle key can be made by Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Knoxville right at your vehicle.

Smart Keys and Push to Start vehicle keys are our specialty. We come to you and replace your lost key right on the spot. Push to Start vehicle keys also known as Key Fobs, allow you to open your car and start the vehicle without having to insert a key or having to turn the ignition. You can save yourself a great deal of time and money by contacting Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Knoxville BEFORE you lose your Smart Key and allow us to make you a spare Smart Key or Fob.



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