Did you know that if all of the Indy hot dogs and bratwurst sold on Race day were laid end-to-end, they would circle the oval more than three times?

Did you know that 145,000 gallons of beer and 24,000 gallons of Coca-Cola products are consumed at the track on Sunday? And…. 475 gallons of ketchup are used on the 8,000 pounds of pork fritters and ten tons of Track Fries and hot dogs?

Did you also know that at the end of the race clean up a five-gallon bucket is filled with keys that are dropped, lost or left behind? “Ladies and Gentleman, Start – Your – Engines” just doesn’t work in the parking lot, without your car keys!

There is probably not much that is more frustrating than realizing when you walked to your car, which you parked 3 miles from the track, you are tired, sunburnt and ready to be home that your keys are gone. Making the trek back to the Guest Services building on Georgetown or calling their number 317-492-6125 is probably not going to get the immediate results that you need as your keys probably haven’t been turned in or retrieved yet. That is a call for a later day after cleanup. The call  you need to make is to Pop-A-Lock!

This years 100th running of the Indy 500 is going to draw a larger than normal crowd and many revelers. With the extra attendance and the extra celebration there is probably going to be more room for belongings and keys being lost or dropped.If you lose your keys, checker flag down a track worker and they will call us immediately.

Pop-A-Lock Central Indy is the official Locksmith of the Indy 500. Go ahead and put us in your phone on speed dial, just in case you need the top locksmith in Indianapolis. This is the call you need to make on race day, if you find yourself keyless.


We are on site all day and will help with unlocking cars, car key duplication and getting you back in your car after a long day at the track! Although we might consume a few hot dogs or Track Fries we can assure you that we will be there when you need us on Indy 500 Race Day.