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Residential Rekeying, Charlotte, NC

It is strongly recommended to have residential rekeying done when you purchase a new home.

As any real estate agent will advise you, one of the first things you should do when you take possession of a new home in the Charlotte, North Carolina area is to call a locksmith for residential rekeying services. You have no way of knowing how careful the previous owner was with their house key. They could have shared it with friends, neighbors, babysitters, housekeepers, remodeling contractors, house sitters, or left their house key on the key ring when giving the vehicle key to a valet or mechanic. 

At Pop-A-Lock, we offer a variety of residential locksmith services, including working with real estate agents and new homeowners needing residential rekeying services. We can also help you with upgrading your locks if you aren’t confident that the ones on the house afford enough security. High-security locks are just as important for your home as for a business– perhaps even more so.

Another reason for residential rekeying for a new home is if the previous owner lost the keys or wasn’t willing to give them to you for some reason. In addition, if there are several access doors with each using a different key, you can toss them all out in favor of having one key that works for all of them. 

Residential rekeying is a wise idea regardless of whether you are purchasing an existing home or having one built for you. New construction could be even more important, as there could have been dozens of people with access to the keys as they worked on their part of the construction. 

Reach out today to schedule residential rekeying or to learn about our other residential or commercial locksmith services and products.

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