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A: A BBB accredited locksmith service carries a seal of approval from the council of Better Business Bureaus (BBB). When you select a BBB recognized locksmith service, you ensure that you get a high standard of service for all your locksmith requirements. We are one of the few BBB recognized locksmith services in Maricopa County.
A: This is one of the most commonly asked questions. It's highly recommended that you immediately re-key all the locks of your new home. When your home was being built, chances are that builder or various contractors had access to the home. So, by re-keying all the locks, you can ensure that only you have the sole access to your home. This, in turn, helps you secure your new home.
A: When a locksmith arrives at your home or business to do scheduled work they will always have their Pop-A-Lock I.D. badge on with their name and photo and will be wearing clothing with our company logo. All locksmiths also arrive in clearly marked vehicles. To add to your peace of mind, all of our locksmiths are drug-tested and background checked. You can rest assure your safety is our number one priority!
A: Yes, in most cases it is possible to re-key the existing locks in your home or office to one key. One of the exceptions to that rule is if the lock manufactures / or keyways are different. For example, if all of the locks are made by Schlage, then all of the Schlage locks can be put on one key. If one lock is a Kwikset, that key may have to remain different unless you can change the cylinder within that lock to also be a Schlage. *This does not work on every type of lock, but we would be happy to discuss with you your individual needs.
A: Re-keying is when the cylinder of your lock is changed by replacing the pins so that your current key no longer works with it. Instead, a new key is used. It is like changing the combination on a safe. Why re-key? The reason people should re-key their locks include; a tenant moves out, a key is lost or stolen, your purse is stolen, new construction you don’t know who on the construction team still has a key, you just purchased a new home or moved into a new home as you don’t know who still has a copy of the keys – Realtor and/or previous owners. One of the most popular reasons is to have all your locks using only one key. This makes it convenient for you to not carry a lot of keys around with you. This can only work, however, if all your locks are of a compatible brand in your house. (Kwikset, Schlage, Weiser, etc.) Sometimes when hardware is installed into your house you can purchase them to be “keyed alike”. This means that all the locks operate on the same key. However, if you decide to add a lock later on, you can either re-key that lock to be on the same key as the rest of your doors or use two different keys. (Remember this only works if the hardware is compatible.) One of the other reasons people choose to re-key is to prevent theft from someone who had a key but no longer works/lives there. This is less expensive than replacing all the locks. It invalidates the previous keys from working. This also serves as a preventative measure to theft. If a person has a key and steals, then it is more difficult to ‘prove’ that they did it. After all, they had the key, that meant that they could come and go. If you change the locks, then it becomes a felony charge of breaking and entering – which holds a much stiffer penalty. What can be re-keyed? Not just deadbolts and doorknobs, but automobile door locks and ignition switches can be re-keyed. Sometimes replacement is a better option, depending on whether there is any damage present. However, an honest locksmith will evaluate the situation and let you be fully informed to make a decision that will best suit your needs and pocketbook. Putting together a ‘project car’ or replacing a damaged lock from the junk yard? Have a current key and want it to fit that lock? Those are items that can be re-keyed as well. If you have a lock cylinder with a correlating key that fits, it can be re-keyed to your key or to a new key. The exceptions to this rule are: The lock is too damaged to be repaired; •Too old to have any replacement parts available; or •The lock is so cheap that it isn’t worth the money to do it ; or •the locksmith is too inexperienced to do the job. A good locksmith will be up front with the problem and let you know what can or can’t be done.
A: Several lock manufactures are now offering a more sleek looking keyless entrylock for the residential customer. Since no key is required to operate this lock, each person with access will have a pass code that they can type into the lock pad to gain access. Most of these locks will auto lock after 30 seconds or so of the door closing, allowing who ever is inside to feel secure that the house is locked. There are usually different programming options for these locks from the very basic to more advanced options that allow for a situation like a contractor who will only need access for a limited time. All locks will have a key override and a battery backup system to prevent the user from being locked out in the event of any malfunction. We would be happy to discuss keyless entry lock options with you on a more in depth basis if you think this might be an option for you.
A: Most reputable locksmiths will attempt to pick the lock first. This will cause no damage to the lock at all. In some cases where the lock is too old, weather beaten, in poor repair, or if any part of the internal lock mechanism are indeed broken, this may not be an option. This may result in the need to have the cylinder drilled out and replaced, but it is recommended that you discuss this option and its price prior to having any work done so that you will be able to make the most informed decision about the work you might potentially need to have done. We would be happy to discuss pricing options with you at any phase of work allowing for mutual consent at all times during the work process.
A: One question that always comes up is “how much is it going to cost me?” As a consumer, this is one of the first thoughts in our minds. Prices vary from service to service as well as region to region. We have found that there can be a ‘sticker shock’ in how much locksmith services cost. When thinking about locksmith services, the one thing people don’t realize is that this industry is full of trained professionals. If anyone could do the job, then there wouldn’t be a need for locksmiths. The industry has been around for thousands of years. When it comes to services, such as lockouts, some locksmiths charge a flat rate while others charge a rate plus time. Most of the time when you call a locksmith you need to be prepared for a service call charge for the locksmith to come out, plus the charges to do the work as well as cost of the parts. As an example, it costs more to have a locksmith come out to your house to rekey the locks, than it does to bring the locks in to have them rekeyed. (Of course, if you don’t have anyone to stay in the house while you are bringing the locks in, then this isn’t an option.) Remember, we are a part of the security industry. Offering solutions to ensure the security of your family and home or business. If there is a lock involved, then more often than not, a locksmith is the one to take the job to. Most of the time, the cost involved in having a locksmith do the job is going to be considerably less than taking it elsewhere. As an example, to duplicate a transponder key cost less through a locksmith than through the dealer or replacing an ignition switch costs less to have a locksmith do it than having the dealer do it. Furthermore, a locksmith can usually do the job faster than the dealer can. Dealers often use what is called a ‘flat book’ to base job services on, if the ‘flat book’ says a job should take three (3) hours to do, then the dealer will take those three hours to do the job, whether they need the time to do it or not.
A: A common misconception is that you can just call up a locksmith and give them your V.I.N. (vehicle identification number) and they can make a key for your vehicle. “Well, my friend works for a repo company and they can do it,” we sometimes hear. This may or may not be the case. For vehicles that are newer (and these are the ones that are generally being repossessed), then the VIN can be a helpful tool. The number a locksmith needs to make a key for your vehicle is called a “code” number. Car dealerships require proof of registration and ownership before they will give out this information. A dealership uses your VIN number to see what the code number is for that vehicle IF the vehicle is ten (10) years old or less. If the vehicle is older than that, then dealerships clear their database and for the newer vehicles. So while a VIN number may work for a dealer, it doesn’t do much good for a locksmith. The other side to this is that a VIN number doesn’t do any good if the locks on the vehicle have been changed. Dealers only keep the originaly code numbers, so if the locks on your vehicle have been rekeyed, then that number won’t work for your car. If you purchase a vehicle second hand there is a 50/50 chance that this could be the case. Newer vehicles also use transponder technology, which means not just the code is needed for the key but the transponder code is needed as well.
A: If you are like most people, you have a big investment in your automobile. In years gone by, almost anyone could open a locked car using only one tool. It only took a second or two. Today, however, auto makers have significantly tightened up the security of almost every car on the road. This means that a trained professional must have dozens of tools and techniques available in order to open your car with no damage.Today’s locksmith owns hundreds of dollars worth of tools and books on car opening. That is why he or she must charge a fair price to open your car. When you call a locksmith, a trained professional responds to your call. He or she arrives in a service vehicle stacked with thousands of dollars worth of tools and machinery, ready for any emergency.Repairing the damage caused by an unprofessional car opening far outweighs the cost a proper opening would have cost in the first place.In many towns, the police no longer will respond to lockouts unless it is a dire emergency. The police departments of today are concerned with the financial responsibility that has come from accidentally damaging citizens’ vehicles. •When you call a tow truck driver, or allow any other unskilled person to attempt to unlock your car, you risk unnecessary damage to your vehicle. So next time you’re locked out, please call a trained locksmith for quick professional service. Police Departments in most towns do not open cars after experience shows them that they may damage many new vehicles. •Locksmiths are trained professionals who use finesse, not force. •A botched car opening job can easily cause $150.00 worth of damage to your door panel. •Locksmiths are trained to use dozens of tools so they are ready to open your vehicle properly. (This question and answer brought to you by The National Locksmith Magazine.)
A: In many newer model vehicles there is a transponder chip inside of the vehicle’s key and the car’s computer. For ignition to take place the two chips must be able to connect to each other, verifying that the key is indeed for that vehicle. Sometimes an issue can arise with the communication between these two chips which renders them unable to connect to each other. When this takes place the vehicle’s key must be re-programmed to the car’s computer.
A: You do want to have your locks changed to a different key, however this does not necessarily mean you must replace your entire lock set. The two options that you have are to either change the lock set or have it re-keyed. Replacing the lock set means that your entire lock including the knob will be removed and replaced with a brand new one or, the economical solution, have your locks re-keyed. Which is when we replace the tumbler itself which means that your current lock stays in place, but a new key will open it and all previous versions will be made ineffective.
A: Lock bumping is an undetectable lock picking method that criminals can use to get inside of your home or business. What the theif does is shaves down a key which fits into the cylinder of your specific lock, from here all they have to do it place the key inside of the lock and hit the key with an outside force and they are able to open the door as if they had a real key. This is a method that with just a little bit of training can leave your home or business susceptible to break-in. There are now specifically built locks that have mechanisms inside of them that are designed to prevent bump keys from working.
A: Yes, we are a local company based in Phoenix and the surround areas. We service ALL of Maricopa County. We have several locksmiths placed around the valley, so we can get to you as quickly as possible. We do not have a shop and are fully mobile locksmiths, meaning we come to you.
A: Most of the time, to generate a new key for car or truck, it is much more affordable to the average driver to call a locksmith rather than go to a dealership. There are many techniques including impressioning a key on the lock, taking apart and decoding the lock, and looking up codes that may be stamped on the face or back of the lock. There are even tools that allow a locksmith to decode a lock without taking the lock apart. Each situation is different, and in the end the locksmith will have a new key, cut to factory specs, to match your existing lock.
A: If your vehicle key is broken in the lock, do NOT try to get it out. You can do more damage to your ignition. Call Pop-A-Lock Locksmiths of Chandler for assistance. If the key to your home or business is broken in the lock, we still recommend that you don't try to stick things inside to take it out. You might damage the wells or break off more material into the lock. Let a professional locksmith assist you. In the long run, it's the most cost-effective way of solving the problem.
A: A master key system is set up by a locksmith. It allows you to have one key that will open every door of your building and others keys to open only designated areas allowing you the convenience of having only one key and your employees to have a key that only lets them into where they need to go.
A: A mobile locksmith drives a van equipped with all the most common lock hardware for commercial, residential, and automotive locks. They are trained professionals that know how to fix anything having to do with locks out of the back of their van. They are trained in setting up keying systems, installing and repairing door hardware, unlocking cars, picking residential and commercial grade locks, originating lost keys for houses, cars, boats, motorcycles, RV’s, mailboxes, file cabinets, and just about any other type of lock you can think of. Best of all they drive to you to quickly solve your lock issues on site.
A: Yes, this is for your security. You will be asked to provide a photo copy of your drivers license for our records and proof of ownership (home or auto). We wouldn't want to give anyone unauthorized access to your home or vehicle, which is another reason we're so trusted. No reputable locksmith with allow someone who can't confirm ownership or adequate permission to access your property. If you cannot be present, we request that you email us a copy of your driver's license to [email protected] and a statement giving us permission for a specific person to be present and gain access to your home or vehicle in your absence. We require the full name and DOB of the individual you are giving permission to. Your security and peace of mind is important to us.
A: Due to the nature of the work we complete, we are unable to accept personal checks. Credit cards, debit card and cash are acceptable forms of payment. For commercial jobs, we do offer billing and also accept business checks but only for repeat customers and with manager pre-approval. The first time we complete service at a commercial location we require a debit, credit or cash payment in order to form a good faith business connection. We are constantly trying to offer more payments for the ease of our customers, so continue to check back for updated information.
A: Yes they are. So ask yourself: Can I wait until normal working hours (9 to 5) to gain entry? If so, wait, it will be less of a cost for you.
A: We do cut and program keys and remotes purchased from the Internet or else where. Buyer beware, we do not guarantee any key or remote that is brought into our shop. Due to faulty milling, the wrong item being purchased, and/or poor quality construction, we have had a lot of issues getting these keys and remotes to work. Our service charge and programming fee will still apply.
A: There have been numerous reports on the news and from customers being scammed by so-called locksmiths. This is a nation-wide problem that is affecting customers and local businesses. These scam artists will advertise a very low service call rate ranging from $15 to $30 dollars, which seems to be a great price and a fast response time. Buyer beware these are con artists, they will come out in a unmarked car and jack the price up to several hundred dollars. If you are a victim of this scam and are being strong armed into paying, call the police immediately and do not pay them. So how do you avoid this? Look at online reviews such as Angies List, Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc. The ALOA, (Associated Locksmiths of America) has a website where you can search for registered locksmiths.
A: No! WD-40 is not recommended for locks, because there is a slight amount of water in the product, which can cause corrosion over time. Use a silicon-based product for your locks.