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Commercial Locksmith Services in Atlanta

Commercial Lock & Re-Key Services in Atlanta

As the primary safeguards of your business, locks provide the first line of defense against unwanted entry. Their proper operation is important to the security of your belongings, business resources, and peace of mind. But like any mechanism with moving parts, a lock sustains wear and tear over time and requires occasional maintenance, repair, and upgrade to remain effective.

When it comes to lock services such as these, your safety and security are Pop-A-Lock Atlanta’s top priority. Our friendly, reliable locksmiths have the experience and know-how to ensure that all your locks are strong and fully operational, and provide a full slate of services to address any lock-related needs.

We’ll even perform a free assessment of your property’s strengths and weaknesses and offer professional tips on how to best use locks to make you more secure.

Commercial High-Security Locks in Atlanta

If you are looking for high security locks, Pop-A-Lock Atlanta is a distributor of two of the best high security lock manufacturers on the market – Medeco and Mul-T-Lock.

High security locks are locks that provide increased resistance to compromise. While many vendors market their locks as high security, only those that are given an appropriate security rating (or have withstood a long period of analysis by manufacturers, locksmiths, security researchers, and locksport enthusiasts) are considered high security.

Most high security locks use certain designs or characteristics that improve their ability to resist manipulation and forced entry for a given amount of time.

The main goal of all high security locks is not to be undefeatable, but instead to make defeat too expensive or time consuming to be feasible.

Most high-security locks have many of the following included in their design to increase security. Many of these characteristics are pre-requisites for various security ratings.

Commercial Master Key Systems in Atlanta

Master key systems create two or more keys that are capable of varying levels of access within a given system. Under a master key system, one key may be capable of opening all doors within that system, while another key is only capable of opening a single, specific door within the same system.

For example, hotels often employ master key systems, in which hotel staff carry keys that can open the doors to every room, while guests receive a key that can only open the door to the room in which they are staying. In this way, each lock has several keys that will open it, and each key has different capabilities in terms of which doors it can open.

Does Your Business Need a Master Key System?

Keys might seem small and light if you just have a few, but once they start to add up, you’re looking at a heavy, jangling key-ring. Or are you? A master key lock system is one possible solution to dealing with too many keys. Within a master key system, a single master key can open multiple locks. Master key systems are especially useful when you need access to many different locked areas — such as within schools, hospitals, and storage facilities, to name a few.

Here’s how a master key system works. There are two types of keys: a passkey (also known as a change key), which only opens one specific lock, and a master key, which opens all the locks in a system. Let’s say you’re an apartment manager in Atlanta. Your tenants have passkeys that only open their specific apartment unit. However, when they request maintenance, you’ll be able to enter any unit — even if the complex has hundreds — with a single master key. A master key system designed by an experienced locksmith combines good security with good access for just the people who need it.

Commercial Door Services in Atlanta

Pop-A-Lock Atlanta offers a wide array of door services including installation, repair and maintenance.  We only use top quality brands and products, and customize each installation to meet your specific needs, budget, and style. Our technicians get the job done right the first time, and are always available for follow-up maintenance or repair.

Door Closers

Door closers ensure that your entryways stay secure at all times. Our technicians are experienced in installing, maintaining and repairing overhead, surface-mounted and jamb-mounted door closers as well as the two styles in which door closers can be powered – manually and automatically.

Panic Bars & Exit Devices

Panic bars/exit devices are required for most exterior entryways in a commercial setting, and the right hardware for your business is always subject to the code requirements of your local building inspectors and fire marshal. Proper installation and maintenance of these devices are important so that your business is always compliant.

Pop-A-Lock Atlanta’s technicians have extensive knowledge of the products and requirements of exit devices, and will work with you to find the solution that meets the requirements of your local governing body. We will deliver and install the device, and, as always, we provide regular maintenance and repair to ensure that your doors are working properly and remain up to code.

Door Adjustments

We cross through our doors many times every day, and a malfunctioning door creates a consistent annoyance. Loud doors, doors that stick, doors that don’t open or close properly, doors that swell and damage the floor – all of these cause interference, especially in primary entry points.
Our door adjustment services address all the issues that can affect your doors, including faulty hinges, improper positioning, splintered or damaged wood, seasonal building settling and any other problem that may arise.

Commercial Site Security Audit in Atlanta

Pop-A-Lock Atlanta created the Commercial Site Security Audit as a way for customers to think about their current security measures. While there is no substitute for having a true security professional evaluate your facility, this checklist can easily help give you in creating a safer environment for your employees, customers, vendors and visitors. If you’d like to schedule a free security site audit to evaluate your home or business, please call Pop-A-Lock Atlanta at 770-339-1616 or 404-525-4500 now.

  • How to evaluate your facility with a security-focused mindset
  • Identifying potential threats to your security & safety
  • Ensuring code compliance
  • And much more inside
  • Receive 10% off locksmith services from us with this checklist

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