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The importance of rekeying your business

As a business owner, ensuring the security of your premises is paramount. 

When moving into a new space, whether brand new or previously occupied, ensure only authorized personnel have access. 

Worried about past employees or service providers with keys? Even if keys are returned, the possibility of duplicates being in circulation remains a concern. 

Simplify key management. Consolidating all locks onto a single key or implementing a master key system can streamlines access control, enhance overall security, and provide peace of mind for you and your business operations.

Wireless Access Control

Protecting your employees, assets, and confidential information is vital for any business’s success. While traditional locks offer a basic level of security, implementing an access control system unlocks a range of advantages that go far beyond simply stopping unwanted visitors.

Enhance your security by granting personnel access to specific areas based on roles and responsibilities. Not only can you grant access to specific personnel, but you can also schedule when access will be permitted. Not everyone needs 24/7 access. An audit trail will record who enters and when providing another layer of security and verification. 

Streamline your security by eliminating keys. No more issuing keys, tracking users, replacing lost keys, or trying to recover keys from former employees or service providers. Simply issue pin codes or key cards then easily add, remove, or modify access as needed.

Investing in an access control system isn’t just about deterring threats, it’s about peace of mind by creating a more secure, efficient, and productive environment for your business. With its multi-faceted benefits, it’s an investment that pays.   

Mechanical Code locks

When controlling access is necessary but a complete access control system is too much, mechanical code locks offer keyless entry with a single programmable code for all authorized users. These weatherproof locks require no batteries, wiring, or Wi-Fi, making them a reliable and hassle-free solution for any business, indoors or outdoors.

Upgrade your security with simplicity and reliability.

Door Security and Alarms

Maximize the security of your premises with door alarm systems designed to operate independently of your building’s security system, adding an additional layer of protection. 

Powered by batteries for uninterrupted functionality, exit devices with alarms ensure compliance with safety codes while alerting you instantly to any unauthorized door openings. We can offer solutions to fit your requirements so you can rest assured that your business is safeguarded around the clock.

Take proactive steps to protect your assets and personnel. Invest in our door alarm systems today for peace of mind and enhanced security.

Door Security without Alarms

Not all doors require an alarm, but still require safe egress. 

Code compliant exit devices offer reliable security, and safe egress without unnecessary alarms. 

When defense against break-ins with pry bars is necessary, professionally installed and marked burglar bars can offer a robust, low-tech, and cost-effective solution to reinforce your doors and discourage pry bar break-ins after business hours.  

Enjoy peace of mind for your business, with a solution that prioritizes both security and safety.

Fortify Your Business Against Break-Ins

With our layered security solutions, we offer a comprehensive anti-break-in approach that includes protective measures such as latch guards, interlockers, crush proof collars, and door reinforcement. This multi-point defense strategy deters break-in attempts and safeguards your valuable assets.

Invest in the security of your business and gain peace of mind.

Lock Repair and Replacement

Ensure the security of your establishment with our comprehensive lock repair and replacement services. We understand the importance of maintaining functional locks. Simple repairs can restore the smooth function you want and extend the life of your locks. 

Sometimes locks have reached the end of their service life and replacements are necessary. Or you may simply want to upgrade to a higher quality lock. Trust us to make recommendations that fit your business needs and replace your outdated locks with new hardware that works for you. 

Secure your business with confidence with reliable lock repair and replacement solutions tailored to your needs.

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