todd coupal canada franchiseTodd Coupal used to be a buyer for two of the largest brands in their industries. Today, he is a business owner and the president of Pop-ALock of Greater Vancouver, a trustworthy and professional locksmith company that provides commercial, residential and automotive locksmith services.

For him, making the leap to business ownership was a natural one, but finding the right opportunity was key. “What I liked about my previous career in retail management was that the job was very much like running your own business,” said Coupal. “I was responsible for budgeting, choosing the optimal product assortment and developing sales and marketing plans to achieve our goals.” But after 15 years of growing that business, Coupal says he was ready for something more.

Unfortunately, the well worn phrase that “those who don’t learn from history are forced to repeat bad events in history” is true. Current economic times have shown us that “working for a corporation” job security, indeed, any form of job security, for the long term is not very dependable. So, if working for someone else is not the long term positive economic answer to your financial needs, what is? Owning a business is an option.

Twenty years ago, the average Locksmith was 42 years of age. Today the average age is 62. The independent locksmith profession is going out of business except for Pop-A-Lock. Pop-A-Lock is taking dominance and control of the growing demand in the advancement of modern Commercial, Automotive and Residential sectors. Pop-A-Lock now trains more High Tech and Traditional security professionals than the whole industry combined. Today, “Biometrics”, “Credentials” and “Access Control” are part of “Locksmith” services!