“Phone, wallet, keys.” We’re all familiar with this catchphrase – you know, what you say to yourself as you’re walking out the door for the day. As long as you’ve got those three vital items, you can pretty much get wherever you need to go. But wouldn’t it be easier to condense the list even more? What if you could do without one of those things or, better yet, combine them into one? That’s where smart locks come in. With smart locks for your home, you can enjoy the traditional security of a deadbolt with the convenience and added security of smart technology, making your home security accessible right from your smart device. 

What is a smart lock? 

Smart locks are battery-operated locks that open with an access code instead of a key, allowing for a more convenient exit from your home without compromising your safety. Smart locks lock and unlock through mechanisms that only you have access to, like a security code or app on your cell phone. Some smart locks are even biometric, meaning they need personal data like a fingerprint to permit access.

Benefits of smart locks

Have you ever wondered if someone, somewhere may still have a key to your home? Well, smart locks can help put that worry to rest. With smart locks, you’re in control and can grant or revoke access at literally the touch of a button. Do you have kids or teenagers who spend the afternoons at home alone? Well, with smart locks, you can say goodbye to the days of forgotten keys, ensuring your kids always have access inside. (Plus, you can always go lock up behind them).

Other benefits of smart locks include:

  • Avoid hiding keys outside of your home,
  • Provide access (at your discretion) when no one is home (for family, friends, or home deliveries),
  • Get notified when someone enters/locks the house,
  • And create multiple access codes for individual needs.

The bottom line

Overall, smart locks are a secure and convenient way to ensure you are always in control of your home security. Gone are the days of scouring the house for your keys or having to turn the car around to double-check that the front door is locked. By upgrading your home’s traditional locks to smart locks, you’re taking a proactive step to ensure that what matters most to you is kept accessible, safe, and secure. And that alone is priceless. For immediate assistance, or to learn more about smart locks for your home, visit our website at popalock.com. 


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