Spring is here and summer is coming, both seasons mean that temperatures will rise. The hotter it gets, the more dangerous it can be for people and pets locked inside of cars. Too often we see car owners accidentally lock themselves out of their car with loved ones inside. Stress, panic, and fear can take over a situation like this and make it go from bad to worse. So, we decided to come up with a blog that can help you prepare and respond appropriately for a situation like this!


hese three keys will assist you in avoiding this situation and help you think clearly when the time comes:

Always Keep a Spare Key

Spare keys can be lifesavers, in the figurative and literal sense. Having one can save you hundreds of dollars, a lot of time, and some major stress. They’re easy to make and relatively cheap to obtain, depending on the type of key you desire. They’re also easy to carry; when the time comes to use your spare key, you’ll be glad you brought it with you.

Nobody expects to be locked out of their car, house, or office. Naturally, when you find yourself on the wrong side of a locked door, life can become very hectic. Add in the fact that someone could be stuck on the other side and the situation goes from inconvenient to downright dangerous.

Having a spare key with you at all times will mean you’re never locked out again, so go out and get one today!

Stop, Look, and Lock

A spare key is a great way to keep yourself from being locked out of your car, but we understand that life is busy and you can get caught up in the rush of everything. So, try slowing down a little to remember this quick 3-second act: stop, look, and lock.

Stopping to look before you lock will naturally help you be more aware of where your key is before you lock your car. Doing it enough times can turn this practice into a routine that will help make sure you’re never locked out of your car again.

Just like you stop and look both ways before you cross a street, looking before you lock is simple, easy, and could save you at some point down the road. There’s simply no reason not to give this a try!

Always Have a Plan

In the case of many emergency situations, there is usually a predetermined plan. Whether it’s a fire, a natural disaster, or getting separated in a crowd, you plan for the unexpected because you want to be ready for anything. This way, when something actually happens you can act appropriately. That same philosophy applies to a situation like this. Having a basic plan for when you lock yourself out of your car with a child or pet inside will help you make quicker decisions and take decisive action.

Whatever your plan is, make sure your goal is to call 911 as soon as possible. Maybe you have your phone…but if you’ve locked your phone inside your car along with your keys, the first thing you must do is find access to a phone immediately. Whether that’s stopping a stranger, knocking on someone’s door, or using the phone of a business nearby, you have to call emergency services immediately.

Pop-A-Lock also provides the PAL Saves Kids Program that responds immediately to people who have inadvertently locked loved ones inside their car. These situations take the highest priority for our on-call locksmiths and are completely free. We will respond to your call and unlock your car as soon as humanly possible.

At a moment like this, time is of the essence, so any hesitation can be critical. A simple plan can help you remove all hesitation and get the help you need quickly.

Trust Pop-A-Lock!

We understand accidents happen, and we’ll always be here to have your back in case you find yourself on the wrong side of a locked door. That being said, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t do everything we can to help you. In this case, it means providing these quick, easy, tips to help you avoid these awful circumstances and be prepared for when they actually happen.

Life is unexpected, but when it comes to your locks, trust Pop-A-Lock.