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PALSavesKids: Free Community Service when Child or Pet is locked in vehicle!

Pop-A-Lock: The Security Professionals responds to nearly 1000 requests per month when a child or pet is locked in a vehicle! Please Stop, Look then Lock when you have a child or pet in a vehicle!

If a child is locked in, please call 911 and then call Pop-A-Lock!

Pal Saves Kids: Emergency Door Unlocking

PAL Saves Kids!


If you are one of the many loyal Pop-A-Lock clients, you know that we offer a FREE service in Nashville for children who get locked inside a home or in a car and we call this PAL Saves Kids!

Only recently, an old customer called us asking if we still offer the FREE program.  She also told me about an organization she came to learn about called For R Kids Sake based in California.  This organization has the terrific idea of protecting children from injuries or death that may happen within and around cars which can be prevented if only there are enough education, awareness programs, legislation and redesign of products themselves.

I informed her that we definitely know about their existence and am in fact emulating this organization’s Purple Ribbon month concept for the Nashville area.  Remembering that particular call, I thought I should mention it here, and enjoin you to visit the organization’s website.  We are thinking of a partnership with them so that this outstanding program can be launched in Nashville. Please inform us if you wish to participate in this program.

While I was browsing their website, I was reminded of another remarkable organization named Kids and Cars whose major focus is also child safety.  The mission of this group is helping prevent children injuries and death arising from brushes with motor vehicles.  Their strategy in preventing accidents and tragic events is through the collection of data, public awareness and education, changes in policies, regulations and advocacy for survivors.  Please visit their website at  While going through this site, I realized that they have collected a remarkable volume of data.  I also remembered that there was a press release they issued in Nashville a while back in cooperation with Pop-A-Lock showcasing the advocacy’s importance “Public Awareness Campaign Launched to Warn Parents About the Dangers of Leaving Children Unattended in Cars”.  It is a reminder that while we are considering undertaking the Purple Ribbon month promotion, there are many other ways of championing the important mission of preserving the lives of children when they get exposed to motor vehicles.

People who are passionate about this issue who wish to lend a helping hand may call our office to be included in the list of people that we will include in this crusade.

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