A: No, thanks to a lot of hard work, research and development, a trained locksmith with the proper tools can create a key to virtually any vehicle. Pop-A-Lock partners with world class vendors to have the latest and best technology available to produce your key.
A: No, A legitimate locksmith will be able to rekey your locks so that the old key won't work and a new key will work. Additionally, Pop-A-Lock can provide you with a security survey of your home or business to identify areas that may have a security problem.
A: No, "Do Not Duplicate" or "DND" or similar messages stamped onto a key make little difference to key cutters. Most will still make a copy of the key. In order to have some measure of security to prevent key duplication you will need a restricted or proprietary key. This adds the additional complication of having to acquire the specialty blanks in order to duplicate the key. Due to 3D printing many restricted keys can still be cut, having an electronic component on the key adds additional protection. Pop-A-Lock can help provide you options for what is right for your needs.
A: There is no such thing a 'perfect' security. There is no lock, security system or key that provides impenetrable security. However, security must be applied in layers with redundancy and robust reinforcement. Having a Pop-A-Lock locksmith visit your home or business to conduct a security audit to identify weaknesses and apply practical solutions can enhance your safety and security in layers.
A: The short answer is that Pop-A-Lock was started by Law Enforcement Officers, when they conceived of the business of Pop-A-Lock they made it a requirement in the franchise agreement that franchisee locations offer this important service at no cost. The broader and more personal reason is that it provides a way for our franchisees to give back to the community. We are well staffed and geographically distributed to respond quickly and augment the response of first responders so they can respond to other emergencies that may come up.
A: Yes, we can. Pop-A-Lock can generate a key to your vehicle from scratch. We can program the key, the remote or the vehicle as needed to allow you to enjoy full key functions.