Martinsburg, WV – Smart Key: Smart Idea?


More and more late model cars are coming equipped with smart key technology. And yet, apart from being a cool gadget, are smart keys really a smart idea?


What’s So Great About a Smart Key?

First of all, there is the issue of security. Each time you use it, the smart key will broadcast a different encrypted signal. This makes it much more difficult for even tech savvy potential car thieves to steal your car.

In terms of convenience, the auto-unlock feature of the smart key saves you from having to dig through your purse for your keys or have a free hand to unlock the car door. Additionally, many smart keys are equipped with remote start technology.

Some smart keys actually store individual user settings, such as mirrors, seat and steering wheels, temperature, and radio, which can be especially nice for drivers who have to share a vehicle.


Things to Consider About Smart Keys

As with a lot of new technology, a smart key can be expensive to replace if you lose it or break it. Most smart keys are also not yet designed to be water-proof, dog-proof, hot stove-proof, and so on…so you do need to be careful where your keys might end up.

A smart key has a lot of features, and, unlike a typical car key, will come with an instruction manual that you will need to read to make sure you know how to use it. Also, because they are electronic and require batteries, it is important to change the battery regularly to reduce the potential that the smart key could not work because of a dead battery.


So while there may be many of us that are still holding fast to the old school car key, it seems that as long as you are smart about your smart key, it’s a convenience and security many could get used to, and will probably have to as technology continues to advance.