We all seem to live such busy lives these days. However, taking the time to be proactive about your door locks can keep you secure, save you time and money, and give you peace of mind.


Old and Worn Out

The wear and tear from using door locks can leave them worn out and even rusted. This can be a significant weakness in keeping your home secure against break-ins or you from getting locked out.

The more worn out a door lock is, the easier it can be for someone to break or pick it. If you often struggle to open the door with your key, your key may get stuck or break off in the lock. The lock may also break, leaving you locked out or unable to lock the door.  This may happen if the door lock has a lot rust, too.

Keep your home safe and decrease your chances of getting locked out by having worn out door locks replaced.



If you have had a break-in or robbery, you must replace your door locks both for your security and for your peace of mind.

When a door lock or door has been forced open, the integrity of the door lock has most likely been compromised. The door lock may not work properly anymore, leaving you vulnerable to another break-in.  You may also accidentally get locked out if your door lock is not working the way it should be.

Take care of replacing your door locks immediately after a break-in to reduce the chances that this would happen to you again.


Where Are My Keys?

People often misplace their keys in one place or another. However, if you are unable to locate your keys or believe that they have been stolen, it may be necessary to replace or re-key your door locks.

For any keys you have lost, the door locks to get replaced or re-keyed immediately are outdoor door locks. Doors with outside access must have secure door locks to maintain your home’s security. If lost keys are a frequent hassle for you, another option would be to have a combination door lock or smart lock installed. Inside door locks can also be replace or re-keyed, depending on their safety or importance to you.

Lost keys are not only an annoyance but can be a threat to your security, so take care of replacing or re-keying door locks when you no longer have the key for them.


Friends, Neighbors, and Tenents

There are many situations where you may give your house door lock keys to other people:  family members, neighbors or friends for in case you get locked out, long-term house guests, roommates or tenents if you rent out space in your home or have rental property are some of them.

If people who have keys to your home lose the keys, move away, or no longer need access to your home but don’t return the key, it may be time to get new door locks or get the door locks re-keyed. When you have roommates move out or change tenents, it is more important, as they may also have given keys to others.

While it may be necessary for some other people to have access to your home, it is important that you monitor who does, and replace door locks when needed to preserve your security.


Door locks keep you safe and secure. You can avoid security issues or the wasted time and expense of getting locked out of your home by replacing door locks when you need to. Don’t wait until it’s too late.