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Home is where the heart is, and like any heart it deserves to be protected.

For us at Pop-A-Lock Acadiana is home, and working here is like working in our backyard. After all, Lafayette is where we started way back in the 90s. That’s why we don’t think of the people in Lafayette as customers, but rather our neighbors. Our dedication to our neighbors has helped us become the most trusted locksmiths in Lafayette and across the country.

We back up that trust by providing several options for your residential locking needs. From biometric locks to access-control systems to high security locks, and much more.

Our highly-trained locksmiths are skilled in everything from the simple fix to the complex problem, and will provide friendly service at an affordable cost. Let them give you the peace-of-mind every homeowner deserves and desires.

Don’t wait to get your locks changed to protect your home. We serve the entire Lafayette area, so call the location nearest you and schedule a time!

And who knows, maybe the nearest location is just across the street.

Residential Locksmith for Home Unlocking

People get locked out of their homes every day, but this doesn’t always mean they have to stress about it. When you have a Pop-A-Lock number, it means you have access to a reputable residential locksmith at the times you need it most.

We will arrive quickly and have your door opened in no time so that you do not get stranded out in the dark, cold, or hot weather. We can also pick locks to interior doors in the event that you have locked yourself out of a bedroom or your child has mistakenly locked themselves in the bathroom or bedroom. 

Lock Repairs

Incidents related to broken locks happen a lot more frequently than you might imagine, and at Pop-A-Lock, we’ve seen it all. The most common problems that local residents face include keys breaking off inside of the lock or the locking mechanism no longer working properly. In either situation, we are the residential locksmith you can count on. We will always make sure that your locks are secure and in working order before we leave the premises so that you can feel completely safe.

Lock Changing & Rekeying Services

Home locks are useless unless only invited residents and guests have access to keys. Whether you’ve forgotten who has a spare key to your home or you’ve recently moved into a new space, it’s important to take additional security measures. When events like these occur, your first thought should be to either change out your locks or have your doors rekeyed. 

This will ensure that no unwanted parties will have current copies of your home’s keys and will not be able to enter your house uninvited. If you’re looking to get your locks rekeyed, you can turn to our trusted residential locksmith professionals to get the job done right. If you need more than a simple rekey, we can also install brand new lock hardware or repair your existing hardware.

Key Cutting & Copies

Many Lafayette residents have the need to share their keys with family members, housemates, and housekeepers. Maybe the kids need to let themselves home after school, or you need a neighbor to water your plants while you’re away. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need extra key copies that will operate efficiently. As a residential locksmith in Lafayette, Pop-A-Lock offers expert key cutting services so that you can enjoy as many working duplicates as you require.

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