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Metro East Illinois Commercial Locksmith

Business is booming in the Metro East. With one of the highest Gross Metropolitan Product (GMP) rankings in the country, St Louis Metro East residents have the luxury of enjoying a secure job market. Knowing that you have a place to work isn’t enough. If you hope to protect your assets, you must feel confident that your Edwardsville business is protected against problems associated with theft and low productivity – both of which can be prevented if you have a reliable Metro East commercial locksmith. How? Read on to learn more.

Keep Staff Keyed In

In order for any business to run smoothly, employees need to be able to access your building and specific areas of the facility throughout their shift. In many instances, this means that certain members of your Collinsville staff should be equipped with keys. A good Metro East commercial locksmith will be able to cut sufficient duplicates of pertinent building keys so that you can issue copies to your team, where appropriate. Remember that it’s always in your best interest to keep an up-to-date roster of who has been issued which keys so that you’re aware of how many copies exist and where they are at all times.

Maintain Access Control

Beyond passing out keys to every employee, many Metro East businesses are upgrading to sophisticated access control systems for added security. Key cards, fobs, and similar devices can be used to provide clearance to individual staffers, based upon their security clearances and areas of the building that they will need to be able to enter during work hours. These systems can also regulate the times in which employees may enter the Fairview Heights facility and keep track of who has been where and when.

Save Time During Lockouts

There are few feelings worse than realizing you have driven all the way to work only to leave your building keys back at home – especially if you’re supposed to be opening shop for the day! When this happens, business is out of commission until you are able to access the facility. Unless you have the best Metro East commercial locksmith on speed dial, this could mean commuting back home or waiting for a co-worker to arrive. When you have Pop-A-Lock Metro East Illinois on your side, you can rest assured that you’ll be inside the Belleville building and working productively in no time at all.

Change Locks/Rekey Doors

Although it’s unfortunate, there are times when companies are forced to part ways with staff members on less-than ideal terms. When this happens, business owners want to feel confident that a disgruntled ex-employee will not be able to continue to access the building. In cases like these, expert Collinsville locksmithing services are required to either change out the building’s locks or rekey the doors. Do not forget to update your key roster when any changes are made.

Master Key Services

Business owners, maintenance workers, groundskeepers, and similar team members may have the need to access all areas of the facility. Issuing a master key to these individuals is the most efficient and effective means of insuring that they are able to get where they need to go, when they need to be there. Pop-A-Lock Metro East Illinois is happy to help with these types of services.

Take Care of Your Commercial Fleet

Companies with a business fleet need to have the peace of mind that their drivers will be taken care of – even when they are on the go. Pop-A-Lock Metro East Illinois commercial locksmith that businesses trust with lock picking and roadside assistance services.

Do not let your business get left in a lurch. Call Pop-A-Lock Metro East Illinois for all of your commercial locksmithing needs.

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