At Pop-A-Lock El Paso we are all about saving you money and protecting your home or business from unwanted intruders! This week we have brought you an article dealing with Getting a Trustworthy Locksmith brought to you by our locksmiths at Pop-A-Lock El Paso. Use these tips outlined in this article to make sure that you pick a locksmith that you and trust to the do the work on your property. A Locksmith has a lot of power so make sure you choose someone you can trust, so you’re not left with more problems than when you started.

  1. Always Verify Business – Check online and do research about the company you are thinking of using. If they don’t have any reviews or information online consider using someone else with credentials. As we mentioned earlier its always important to get a trusted locksmith because of all the power they have so never use an unknown.
  2. Ask For Identification / License – You want to always get the name and information from the person doing the work on your home. That way if you don’t like how something is done or need to call them back to fix the work you know who preformed the work on your home. Its also a good idea to make sure you have the correct person from the company performing the work. Often backyard locksmiths will not have a Identification card or not be licensed to make sure to ask!
  3. Get A Written Estimate – Its always a great idea before the work is started to have a written estimate done. This helps unwanted charges to be added by a untrustworthy locksmith, and helps not problems come up when billing is done.
  4. Pay With Credit Card – If the locksmith asks for cash only this can be a red flag of a back yard locksmith. Most professional locksmiths will take credit card, so this is a good test you can preform to see how reliable your locksmith is. Understand though this is not a full proof method as credit card machines are becoming easier and easier for individuals to acquire.
  5. Call Pop-A-Lock El Paso – At Pop-A-Lock El Paso we are licensed and trustworthy locksmiths waiting to help you with any problem you may have. We can handle any locksmith problems in the greater El Paso area no matter if its for your home or business call us now!

If you need help securing your home or property today call us at Pop-A-Lock El Paso! We can handle and locksmith problems you may have in the greater El Paso area! Contact us today for get back on your feet with fast reliable locksmith work! We can get you back into your property fast and efficiently!