At Pop-A-Lock El Paso we are committed to helping you better protect your property, and family.We want to make sure you follow these easy steps to make sure you have the best protect and security on your property this holiday season! If you have any locksmith troubles or need further help don’t hesitate to call us at Pop-A-Lock El Paso!

  1. Use Deadbolt Locks – Other types of locks can be easy for people to break, while deadbolts must be physically broken to gain access into your property.
  2. Invest In An Alarm System – Make sure you invest in an effective alarm system for your home. An alarm system can be the difference between your home being broken into and not being touched.
  3. Always Look Home – Even when you are not home its generally a good idea to leave on the TV or other electronics such as lights, or radios to give the perception that you are still home. Often thieves will check for activity in a home before breaking in and a simple radio or TV could deter them.
  4. Advertise your homes security – If you have a home security system make sure that would-be robbers can see otherwise it’s pointless. If you don’t have a home security system get one, and if you cannot afford one make sure to have a locksmith like Pop-A-Lock El Paso come out and check your residences locks and security.
  5. Make your home look occupied – If your home is dark this could let people know that you are not home. One way to fix this is get lights that are on daily timers to turn on a set times during the night to make it look like you are home. People also like to leave on radios while there gone on vacation to give the illusion that someone is home. Setting these timers up with Tvs can also be smart for making it look like your home.
  6. Don’t tell everyone on Social Media – One problem in the modern age with social media people are more connected than ever. This can cause problems with crime and people going on vacation. If you post that you are out of town on vacation this lets everyone know that you are gone and out of town. It is generally a smart idea to post about your vacation when you are already safely back home.
  7. Get To Know Neighbors – It is always important to get to know those living around you so get to know your neighbors, and find out if they are trust worthy or not. If you have a trust worthy neighbor it might be wise to ask them to watch over your property during times you’re not home.
  8. Always Re-Key – If you have moved somewhere new make sure that your re-key your property so no one else has access that you don’t want.
  9. Don’t leave keys hidden – If you are going out of town make sure and remove any spare keys you make have hidden that could be found by unwanted guests.
  10. Not sure? – Call a licensed professional like Pop-A-Lock El Paso if you have any questions or concerns about your home or property’s locks or security!

If you need help securing your home or property today call us at Pop-A-Lock El Paso! We can handle and locksmith problems you may have in the greater El Paso area! Contact us today for get back on your feet with fast reliable locksmith work! We can get you back into your property fast and efficiently!


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