At Pop-A-Lock El Paso we are committed to helping you better protect your property, and family.  That is why this week we have created an article this week to educate you about Avoiding Locksmith Scams. Follow these easy tips to make sure you are protected the best you can be from locksmith scams! Locksmith scams can cost you thousands and take away the sense of security you have at your home so be aware!

  1. Answering The Phone – If a locksmith, you call answers the phone with something generic like “locksmith services” and not a specific company this can raise red flags. Always ask for the name of the specific company you are going to be working with.
  2. Marked Vehicles – Locksmiths should always arrive in marked vehicles with the company’s name all over it. When you call a locksmith ask them about this if a marked or unmarked vehicle will be coming to your residence.
  3. Check for I.D. – A Legitimate locksmith will always ask you for I.D. before doing any work making sure that you are indeed the property owner. This can be a bad sign if the locksmith does not ask for this information.
  4. Insurance – Find out before the locksmith comes out if he is insured to cover any damage incurred during the repair or installation.
  5. Experience – If you are locked out and in need of help call a trusted locksmith. If the locksmith says that you need to have the lock drilled and replaced make sure it is done by an experienced locksmith as this is a harder process.
  6. Call Pop-A-Lock El Paso – At Pop-A-Lock El Paso we are licensed and trusted locksmiths! Our personnel will always arrive in a marked company vehicle with a name tag ready to help you with whatever you need!

If you need help securing your home or property today call us at Pop-A-Lock El Paso! We can handle and locksmith problems you may have in the greater El Paso area! Contact us today for get back on your feet with fast reliable locksmith work! We can get you back into your property fast and efficiently!