Pop-A-Lock Residential Locksmith Services

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Above all else, your home should be safe and secure, there’s no reason for anything different.

That’s why at Pop-A-Lock Dedham, we provide a number of services to keep you and your family safe. After all, the first line of defense for any home is a locked door, so who better to handle a home’s safety than the best team of locksmiths in the country?

Our trained locksmiths will perform security scans, install or replace locks, and upgrade your home’s security at an affordable cost. No matter what it is you need to upgrade, the locks or security at your home, Pop-A-Lock Dedham can do it.


Services Offered 

• Lock rekeying (keep your lock, with different keys)

• Locks opened and changed

• Lost keys replaced

• Master keying

• Electronic locks

• Access control

• Locks repaired

• Deadbolts and door knobs installed

• Lock and general installations


We strongly recommend changing the locks if: 

• You move into a new home

• A housemate moves out

• Your home has been broken into

• You'd like all the locks in your home to work with the same key

• You've had work done on your home and you've given keys to contractors

• You've given keys to pet walkers, cleaners, babysitters, etc, and they no longer work for you