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Residential Services

  • Locks Re-Keyed
  • Deadbolts installed
  • New hardware installed
  • Residential Lock Picking

If you should lose your keys we highly recommend that you have your home Re-keyed. In this case it is much more cost efficient to Re-key rather than replace your locks. Typically it costs $10 – $15 dollars a cylinder versus buying new hardware.

As with our other services you will typically be quoted a firm price over the phone. This can then be verified prior to service.

Beware of locksmiths not in uniform, in unmarked vehicles, presenting office depot invoices, no licensing information to be found, claiming to be Pop-a-Lock. Typically, they will drill your locks when they can be picked and Re-keyed.

Local Dispatch Numbers

  • 757-487-0882Chesapeake, Chesapeake, Deep Creek, Great Bridge, Greenbrier, Hillcrest, Kempsville, South Norfolk, Western Branch
Phone757-487-0882Address Chesapeake, VA,