Commercial – Pop-A-Lock

If you own a company or any commercial entity be it big or small, you probably understand the need to secure it well, as your commercial entity can have loads of important documents, files, cash or other valuables that you cannot afford to lose at any cost.

At Pop-A-Lock locksmith of Chapel-Hill, we understand that need and thus, we help provide our customers with the finest and some of the most highly secure security locks for their properties and belongings.

  •          Business Lock-out Service – Lockouts: if you’re ever locked out of your office or out of your company, call us to help you get back inside.
  •          Business Rekeys –  Re-keys: Pop-A-Lock helps you to re-key all your business keys and locks be it few or hundreds to re key on a higher level
  •          Commercial Locks Rekeyed: as mentioned above, we can re key a few locks and also keys in bulk for commercial purposes.
  •          Master Key Systems installed and Serviced: we know how important it is to keep a set of master keys therefore; we can install and even service your master key system.
  •          Deadbolts and Leversets Installed / Replaced: most commercial properties have deadbolts and leversets installed and also replaced from time to time when they begin to malfunction. Therefore, next time you need them installed or replaced call experts from Pop-A-Lock to help you with that.
  •          Install High-Security Locks: at Pop-A-Lock we help you install high security locks for your business, company or any commercial entity to discourage people from breaking in.
  •          Panic Bars: for emergencies, we can also install panic bars to alert others about an ongoing emergency in the unlikely advent of burglaries or fire.
  •          Door Closers: to save your time or your employees and also power, you can have door closers installed that automatically help to close the doors when people open it and walk past them. Furthermore, if your property is air conditioned, it won’t let the cooling get out if someone accidently leaves the door open.
  •          File Cabinet and Desk Locks: to protect important documents, have your file cabinets and also desk cabinets locked to ensure no one can go through important or confidential documents.
  •          Keypad and Card Access Locking Systems: if you have a big company, you cannot give keys to all of your employees, therefore, opt for either a keypad or a card locking system, we provide you with some of the finest ones in America.
  •          Safe Sales and Installation: for most businesses, it is very important to keep a safe. Especially for banks. At Pop-A-Lock, we sell a variety of safes and after you purchase from us, we also help to install them.

Our technicians are all trained and certified professionals with years of experience with locksmith services. We assure you that the technicians at Pop-A-Lock will provide you with the best locksmith services in town.