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Commercial Electronic Access Control

Looking to take the security of your building one step further? There are a few high-tech solutions to choose from that can do just that!

High security systems require a key that cannot be copied unless permission is given by the owner of the property, making it more secure than traditional locks. Although high security key control systems are a more affordable solution for high-tech lock control, they still require a key, posing a possible security risk.

Electronic Access Control is a higher-end option. These systems are completely keyless, meaning no copies of keys can be made. These systems also often include a central security portal, such as in the form of a panel on the wall where every component of the system can be tracked and operated. This increases the security of your building even more.

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Pricing of high-security lock systems varies depending on the hardware and level of the system.


How do Electronic Access Control systems differ from other keyless systems?

Keyless systems can mean anything from remote control (such as from a mobile device) or entering a number combination to unlock a door. Electronic Access Control, however, means that doors can only be opened when the system is presented with credentials that are then compared against a database of authorized users. This makes these systems much safer than other keyless systems since there is a much higher possibility of a numerical code leaking than physical credentials.

What are the main components of an EAC system?

Typical Electronic Access Control systems consist of a door contact, electric strike, reader, exit button, and a control panel:

  • Door Contact: This part of the system is also known as the door position switch. It is the component that lets you know whether a door is open or closed at any given time.
  • Electric Strike: This is the door locking and unlocking mechanism itself. It is the magnetic or electromagnetic component that actually locks or unlocks the door.
  • Reader: This is a panel that reads information, usually from a key fob or other kind of access card. It is usually located on the unsecured side of the door.
  • Exit Button: This button alerts the system when someone wants to exit a secured area. However, this exit button can also be replaced with another reader to issue the same alert.
  • Control Panel: This is the central part of the entire system.

What happens if I or someone else loses their access card or key fob?

With Electronic Access Control systems, it is possible for the system administrator to disable any access granting material. The system administrator can also restore usability if the key fob or card is later found, and be alerted to any attempted use of a disabled card or key fob.

Will I be locked out of my business if there is a power outage or bad weather?

Virtually any EAC system can be outfitted with a battery backup option, which would eliminate the possibility of getting locked out during a power outage. It is also possible to add ways to access the building or rooms with a physical key.

Are there any options with system integration?

Definitely. These systems can be integrated with security camera systems (as well as other intrusion detection hardware), attendance and time tracking systems, and visitor management systems.

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