A outdoor photo of a home with a garage door.

Why is Securing the Garage Important?

Focusing on garage door safety is important because it is one further step in keeping your home and family safe from intruders. Did you know that a thief can break into a garage door in as little as six seconds? In addition, nine percent of burglars gain access to homes through poorly secure garage doors. 

The mere fact that garage doors provide easy access for burglars to enter your home is enough reason to take extra precautions securing them. Luckily, there are many ways to ensure your home stays secure – keep reading to find out more!

Check Out These Tips for Securing Your Garage

  1. Cover all exterior windows with frosted glass, adhesives, or privacy blockers. Thieves will often scope out their target areas before committing the crime. Covering your windows will help hide your valuables and reduce their motives.
  2. Install motion-detecting lights near your garage doors to increase visibility and deter thieves from breaking in. You’ve heard the saying that the thief will come in the dead of night – that’s because they can sleuth better in the dark. These lights will do well at exposing their actions and hopefully scare them away.
  3. Lock the house access door located inside the garage. Even if a robber gains access to your garage, it’s better to guarantee they can’t get into your home. Locking your house door in your garage is one extra step of security that will pay off if you ever need it.
  4. Invest in a garage door lock – door locks are a very affordable way to go the extra step with securing your garage door. The device attaches to the garage door, disabling someone from opening the door from the outside.
  5. A great way to improve the overall security of your home and not just your garage area is to install security cameras. Cameras reduce break-ins by 300% and are the most effective way to protect your home and family. 

Can Pop-A-Lock Help?

Pop-A-Lock has a free security audit checklist that you can do today – it will guide you through different areas of your home and help you guarantee it’s secure. The audit mentions the following ways to secure your garage area:

  • The audit further supports the use of motion sensor cameras outside the home.
  • It encourages homeowners to lock up valuables like tools with lock cables.
  • Joining a neighborhood watch group is highly recommended.
  • It reinforces the installation of special locks on the garage and home doors.
  • Get a new and more secure garage door if possible.

Our team focuses on these four safety points: to deter thieves, delay their access to your valuables, document their identity, and disclose break-in attempts to the police. Creating unappealing targets or making your home more challenging to enter are great ways to keep robbers away. If there are any break-in attempts, having the ability to document those attempts and submit evidence to the police will be crucial to help stop them in the future.

An outdoor photo of homes with garage doors.

Don’t Hesitate to Secure Your Home!

Our expert technicians are very passionate about keeping your home and family safe. Pop-A-Lock offers a variety of services geared toward improving your home’s safety. We offer lock installation and can even install electronic locks that are the most secure option for your home’s doors. Rekeying your locks is recommended after purchasing the house or after events that leave your safety feeling unstable – our team can help with that, too. 

Whether you need specific garage door services or need to focus on improving the overall security of your home, Pop-A-Lock is always there to help. Give our team a call to set up an appointment! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our security audit – we’re happy to help!