You’re Locked Out of Your Business: What Now?

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Commercial or business lockouts can create a wide variety of problems for your business, clients, customers, and employees. When you are locked out of business, the disruption can result in a loss of income as well as a loss of confidence from your clients and customers.

Business Lockouts: More Likely Than You’d Think

Locked Business

Depending on the nature of your business or commercial endeavor and the location of your business, lockouts that impact the ability of you and your employees to do their jobs can occur across many different areas. Some of the different business and commercial lockout situations that can arise include: 

  • Lockout to the entry points of your business. This can include traditional keyed locks on doors or programmed keypads that may be part of an overall security system for your business.
  • Keyless entry points or security systems that have been compromised or are experiencing errors or failures in the system
  • Gated entry points that are non-functioning and will not open to allow entry of commercial or business vehicles.
  • Elevator access by key or keypad.
  • Locked file cabinets or archives.
  • Mailboxes or storage lockers for employees.

What Not To Do

What is important to mention is that you should not force the door or the lock as you might cause more harm than good and your business budget will be the one to take the blow. If you allow someone experienced to do it, there will be no damage done. So, if none of these options seemed to work, it’s time to go a step further.

Open Door Business

What To Do

A lockout can also happen in the blink of an eye if we slip up and, for instance, leave our keys inside the office when stepping out for a second. In case the lockout happened during working hours, there is a chance that someone is inside the office if you’re sharing it. Try to come in contact with that person by knocking or by calling your colleague if you have your cell phone on you. While it is an unpleasant situation, if you can avoid getting outside help, it’s worth a try.

Another course of action that should be on your mind in this situation is an alternative entry point. Now, you don’t have to think immediately of windows, as climbing in a window would probably look less than professional. Instead, think of back doors and other such entry points. During working hours, there is a chance that one of them might have been left open.

And, finally, once you’ve exhausted all immediate options, consider calling a 24/7 locksmith with commercial services. They should be able to open whichever entryways are causing the lockout, in addition to later performing any new lock installation or e=rekeying services.

Time To Call PAL

If — heaven forbid — the time comes that you’re locked out of your business, we hope you’ll choose PAL as your smithy. In addition to offering 24/7 commercial lockout services, repair & installation and security auditing services. Check out our site to see if we’re right for your business!