Nine Tips to Increase The Security of Your Garage

In terms of residential security, the garage is an area that is often overlooked. While securing your doors and windows should be a priority, the garage should never be neglected in the process. This part of your home serves as a major entry and exit point and is often used to store expensive items such as vehicles,  tools and exercise equipment.

Many people don’t realize that the garage is one of the most vulnerable areas of a residence. Homeowners typically do not take appropriate measures to secure the garage, frequently leaving the door unlocked or open while they are home. This is a mistake, as after trying other major points of entry (front door, back door and first-floor windows), criminals are likely to break in using the garage door.

However, don’t fear! There are many steps you can take to protect your residence from a garage break-in. Check out Pop-A-Lock’s tips below for securing your garage, as these practices will make your home a safer place to live.

Garage Security Tips

  1. Keep Your PIN a Secret: Many garage doors are equipped with an electronic keypad that serves to open and close the door when a specific code is entered. In terms of home security, it’s very important to keep this PIN a secret, only giving it to residents or those who you trust. Minimizing the number of people who know the PIN code reduces your risk of having an untrusted individual use the code to get inside. If children know this code, be sure to communicate the importance of not sharing this information with friends or strangers.
  2. Check Locks on Exterior Doors: Some garages have side entrances, with doors that lead to outdoor yard areas. When evaluating your garage’s security, be sure to check the functionality of these door locks. Do the doors close and lock with ease? If not, it may be time to have a new lock installed.
  3. Consider a Garage Door Alarm Sensor: Garage door alarm sensors can be integrated into your home’s security system. These sensors monitor when the garage is opened or closed and can be a valuable tool in making sure the door has not accidentally been left open.
  4. Invest In a Garage Door Lock: Overhead garage door locks can be used to increase the security of your home. These locks prevent the door from being lifted with brute force and are a great idea if you store expensive vehicles or other valuables in the space. These locks can be placed on the interior or exterior of the garage door, and are unlocked using a key.
  5. Keep The Exterior Of Your Home Well Lit: Entrances to your home, including the garage, should always be well-lit. Thieves and other criminals avoid brightly lit areas of the home, as it makes their actions visible from the street. If your home does not have lighting in these areas, consider having new lights installed for your safety.
  6. Be Mindful About Garage Door Openers: A newer method used by criminals to gain entry into your home is breaking into your car (or stealing your car) and taking the garage door opener. Although it may seem inconvenient, it’s recommended not to leave your garage door opener in the car. If you leave your car with a parking attendant or valet service, be sure to take the opener with you.
  7. Double-Check that the Door Closed, Every Time: When you leave your home, always double-check that the garage door actually closed behind you. Occasionally, garage doors are left open when the sensor malfunctions, causing the system to reverse. The last thing you want is to have this area open and exposed while no one is home.
  8. Always Lock Doors Leading to the Interior of the Home:  If your garage contains an entrance to your home, always lock this door before you leave. Having the garage door closed may create a sense of security that justifies leaving the door unlocked, but for your safety, the door should always be secured. This practice creates another deterrent, should an individual with bad intentions gain access inside the garage.
  9. Educate Children on Garage Door Safety: According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS),  hospital emergency departments treat more than 15,000 injuries from garage doors per year in the United States. If you have small children, talk with them about the importance of garage door safety.  Consider creating a list of rules relating to garage door use, such as no riding on the door and staying away from panels while the door opens or closes.

Pop-A-Lock Can Help!

Trusted locksmiths at companies such as Pop-A-Lock can help you with concerns regarding garage security. Our locksmithing professionals can open malfunctioning garage door locks, helping you gain access back inside. We can also rekey or replace these locks efficiently, and with no damage. Our technicians do not mind helping out with programming garage door openers and are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about this feature of your home.

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