What Is A Commercial Security Audit?

As a business owner, you are likely concerned about your commercial property’s security. Businesses often have valuables located within the property, such as sensitive employee or client information, cash, products, electronics and other goods. To protect your property and reduce the chance of a threat, it’s very important to have effective security practices in place.

One great method to strengthen security is to have a professional evaluate the property and make suggestions. This practice is called a commercial security audit and can be very beneficial to business owners worldwide .

What Exactly Is A Commercial Security Audit?

To put it simply, a commercial security audit is a  systematic evaluation of the security of a company’s property against a specific set of criteria. These audits cover a variety of factors that contribute to the property’s overall security, and allow for a professional to make recommendations to enhance your current system. Security audits are a great practice because they ensure small details do not get looked over, and these details can make a huge difference.

Although audits differ depending on the security company conducting them, a basic security audit will include the following elements.

  • Mechanical Security– Experts will check the functionality of your locks,  along with the condition of doors and door frames. Other factors such as the property’s windows, effectiveness of types of keys used and methods used to access the property will also be evaluated.
  • Security System in Place– The security professional conducting the audit will also check to see if your property uses a security system such as Access Control. They will evaluate factors such as how the system is managed, who has access, and that access to sensitive areas is appropriate for employee status.
  • Code Compliance– Commercial Security Audits will also include checking your compliance with building codes. Safety is very important, and a professional should check compliance with ADA codes, Electrical codes, Fire codes, and other codes depending on your state.
  • Security Measures Outside the Building– A commercial audit will evaluate your outside security measures, showing the efficiency of cameras, gates, lighting near entrances, landscaping and other elements.
  • Environment– Another factor taken into account during security audits is the area where your business is located. Higher security will be needed in areas that have higher crime rates or gang activity.

It is important to note that audits may differ depending on the complexity of the business and company conducting the audit. A formal audit by a professional will likely include many other factors such as the building design, infectious disease control,  monitoring requirements, etc. Work with a professional to determine your system design and the best security practices for your individual property.

Considerations for Commercial Security

It’s important to take some time and consider what is important to you and your business when you decide to implement a new commercial security plan. Factors to consider should include:

  • Future Plans– What are your short, mid and long range visions for an effective access control system?
  • Your Current System– What investments have already been made in your system? Can you upgrade the system you already have or do you need a new system entirely?
  • Asset Control- What is the value of assets you have located in the property? Has there been a recent change in value of assets that requires more security? ( such as new client data, new products etc).
  • Credentials– How do you currently authenticate entry into the building? Does your property require an ID card for fob or access? How can you make these methods more secure?
  • Convenience factor– How willing you are to sacrifice convenience for increased security? These factors are often in conflict, and it’s important to find a balance that works for your property.

If you’re thinking about conducting a security audit, a great starting point is to download the full commercial security audit PDF from the Pop-A-Lock website. This download will help you consider if  your property would benefit from this practice, and will give you a better understanding of where your property stands in terms of security.

Security Professionals at Pop-A-Lock

If you’ve decided to have a security audit conducted, contact your local Pop-A-Lock today! Participating Pop-A-Lock locations will conduct a security audit in person, along with providing the download online. Deciding to have a security audit performed is a great step to ensure your commercial property is secure as possible!

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