Keyless entry locks are the most widely and commonly used security systems today. With the rapid increase in crime rates and burglaries that are often reported in every second home of each town, people are shielding their valuable assets with keyless entry locks. However, there are various technologically advanced designs available on the market nowadays that come with different usage techniques. Keyless locks are used both for home and cars as well. In vehicles, a remote keyless system allows you to control the car door from specific distances. Such types of locks are harder to manipulate and this gives thieves or criminals much less success when they try unlocking your vehicle or property’s doors. Different kind of usage techniques that comes with keyless entry systems are:

  • Card locking systems
  • Remote keyless systems
  • Coded keypads lock system
  • Biometric lock systems

People install these different kinds of locks to their homes depending upon on their choice and level of security they require.

  • Card locking systems are similar to the card swiping used in hotel rooms. Cards can be of several types including mechanical hole card, card with a barcode or a magnetic strip, or a smart card with an electronic microchip.
  • Remote keyless system control access to a building or automobile without using any key or a physical contact with help of remote keypad using numeric codes for entry.
  • Coded keypad lock systems are digital locks with user defined passwords. These can be installed to home doors that come with an LCD display. One of the main features of this lock is that you can change the password whenever you feel your secret code has been shared.
  • Biometric locks are high tech sensor modules that are designed in a way that they recognize the individual’s physical attributes. These are activated by various biometric features of a person like voice, retina, fingerprints, or facial make-up. The sensor system in these locks verifies an individual’s identity before allowing a locked door to be opened.

There are unlimited benefits to keyless entry lock systems that you may not realize. The main reasons why people are replacing their old locks with these high technology keyless locks are due to their enhanced security, convenience, fluidity, and more space in your pockets because of less keys. However, installation and repair of such locks are quite tricky and technical, and cannot be handled by just anyone. For this, you need a professional locksmith who is proficient in installing and fixing these locks. Licensed locksmith service providers test all the entrances to your home and guide you in what type of locks will best fit your security needs.

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