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10/8/15 - from Adrinette

Rachel is awesome - I don't think I have ever seen a young lady change a tire on a Pilot so quick! She is very professional, kind and courteous!


10/7/15 - from Officer Drummond

Rachel did a great job and went above and beyond - she even crawled through the trunk to unlock the vehicle, it is a hard vehicle to unlock and I like her technique! 


 Meet Najee - keeping our customers happy!  Thank you Amy for letting us to help you in your time of need.Happy Customer Savannah 10-7-15


From:  Rodney on 9/23/15

To whom it may concern,

On 9/16/15 I had my car battery die while I was at work due to my own stupidity sadly. Amongst a crazy day of chaos I knew I had to take care of it when I got off work at 10pm. I was dreading it. After calling my warranty line they had sent out Rachael with your services in Savannah, Ga. Upon arrival she was kind and understanding and actually was getting conversation going to distract me from the situation making me completely comfortable in my situation I put myself in. After the quick turnaround she made the 15-20 mins seem like 2. This made me realize I would be requesting her and pop a lock whenever I were in need again and recommending her and your services as well. I hope this gets trickled back to her and creates an even better service environment for your future customers