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     You can't just trust your personal safety and home security to a just any locksmith. Have you ever been locked out of your car or home? Bam it's the first time you ever thought about a locksmith right? You lift up your mobile phone do a Google Search and more then often call the first name in the search page. That moment can cost you more than you think. “no one may not think about it, but it is one time where you really need a reputable locksmith,” says Tony Dusenberry with Pop-A-Locks of San Diego, the most trusted locksmith service in America.

     The costs can be big if you don’t do your research, including checking real reviews from other customers. These are people you are trusting with your personal safety  and your home security. Rule 1 make sure the locksmith is licensed, bonded and insured. Tony suggests is to start with a company that has someone answering the phone, so you aren’t always being sent to a voicemail. Rule 2 are they open 2 hours a day, each locksmith may offer different hours or focus on a specific neighborhood, so not everyone will be open for a midnight lock-out and they may charge you more.

     Most residential lockouts will be pick jobs. If a locksmith shows up and immediately wants to drill the lock, as this can be a red flag of a locksmith scam. If a lock needs to be drilled, a new lock will need to be installed. Don’t worry a Pop-A-locks locksmith come well-equipped. We carry almost everything we need in our cars or trucks, including new locks.